Keka’s Wall: Where Remotes Reunite

1 month 

“It’s only been a few weeks, but feels like an eternity… 

I miss sharing work and life with colleagues, water cooler conversations, planning weekend fun activities… 

Penned down Sameeran, before letting out a sigh… 

Three weeks of feeling out of sync. 

The first week working from her swing was an adventure, memes and Slack chats keeping things alive. But as the second week rolled in, the gloom descended, the ache for colleagues and Friday fun kicked in. 

The culprit? 

The Hybrid Work Model turned work burdensome. 

It was not only Sameeran, the entire organization was facing this.

60% decrease in productivity and engagement,”read a survey

A wake-up call for the CHRO, Sakshi. 

Action was imperative, time was slipping. 

The next day, an email arrived from HR. 

The social call was buzzing with excitement and anticipation, what was it all about? 

Sakshi sighed with relief, Sameeran’s smile resurfaced. 

What was brewing?

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