Whom to promote and whom to reward?

Attracting and retaining top performers is crucial. But what if there’s a hidden factor that separates high performers from truly competent employees – those with the potential to drive lasting innovation and success? 

Sunaina, an HR Head, faced this dilemma recently. Both Sara and Satish, customer support specialists, boasted impressive performance records for their organization. Sara consistently exceeded expectations, while Satish was an embodiment of efficiency. Yet, when it came to promotion, a surprising decision was made.  

While Satish received well-deserved recognition for his performance, Sara was identified by Sunaina as the ideal candidate for promotion. But why? 

The answer lies in a revolutionary approach to talent evaluation, one that goes beyond mere performance metrics. Competence! 

Learn how this approach transformed their strategy and empowered them to: 

  • Reduce employee turnover by investing in the right people for the future 
  • Boost innovation by promoting individuals who align with your company’s vision 
  • Optimize training & development by focusing on fostering competence across all levels 

Click here to discover what helped Sunaina uncover the unseen potential that led to this surprising yet strategic promotion decision. 

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