Presence Matters

Imagine losing millions due to a silent killer lurking within your vicinity. A problem so subtle that it goes unnoticed by even the most attentive managers. This was the harsh reality for Sohail Mansoor, CEO of a thriving mobile retail chain.  

Despite opening 36 stores across the Middle East, they experienced a sudden sales decline within 6 months. This further led to an increase in customer complaints which was the result of a lack of accountability among some of the newly hired staff. 

The impact was devastating as millions were lost in potential revenue which damaged their brand’s reputation. 

But Sohail with his HR Manager, Rakesh, refused to accept defeat. They implemented a groundbreaking HR solution that not only stopped the sales leak but also fostered a culture of self-accountability, leading to remarkable results: 

  • Staff’s presence led to an improved customer service resulting in increased satisfaction 
  • Played an important part in the boost in monthly workdays by 180 days 
  • This also had a financial impact as the revenue increased by AED 4500 per employee, per month 
  • Recognizing and rewarding responsible behavior created a more positive and motivated environment 

This isn’t just a story; it’s a critical learning opportunity for any leader. Discover the secrets behind the remarkable turnaround and learn how to prevent a similar scenario in your organization.

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