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Claim Your Aces Before Competitors!

Support walked out, and projects derailed – coincidence or not?

When projects pulled a disappearing act, it was time to embark on a project delay investigation. 

Aftab – the HR Head, turned attrition into a game of hide-and-seek – and guess who’s winning? 🤔

After speaking with several managers and accessing quarterly reports of employee resignations –  the domino effect of project derailment and employee exits was a troubling discovery.

Who knew we were hosting a talent show for our competitors? They took 13 candidates in 8 months 😱– Candidate Poaching of the Brightest! 

The attrition rate was like a leaky faucet – one drop at a time until you realize you’re drowning in empty desks.

95% of top-performing employee exits triggered a chain reaction that led projects to a parallel universe of setbacks. 

Since they had been within the organization for a long time, they knew the processes well and were entrusted with supporting critical and high-profile implementations.

Going by the Pareto Principle of 20% of employees helps achieve 80% of growth. 

The last flight out was – How do we identify who that 20% are? 

In this fast-paced and eye-opening narrative, Aftab turns “Attri-tion” into a “Reten-tion” success story and opens eyes to the need for action on a more significant business scale. 

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