US IT Recruiter Job Description Template

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    We are looking for US IT Recruiters for our organisation.  __________________ (Name of organisation) is an upcoming/established firm headquartered in  ___________(place) and having offshore centres in ______________(Names of places where branches exist if any)

    We are looking to expand our team of US IT Recruiters for  ______________(place of current need).

    We are expanding our  ______ (place) team and invite applications from candidates who are highly driven with excellent communication skills and networking ability.  He/she should be able to deliver results in a fast-paced environment that is metrics-driven. The ability to multitask and prioritize at any given time would definitely grab our attention. Candidates looking for a long-term stint would be preferred.

    In addition to having the technical skill and qualification, candidates must have a clear understanding of the US market with reference to benefits, compensation, Visa processes, and types and related work laws.


    • Manage the entire life cycle of the recruitment process for clients in the US.
    • Work closely with the Recruiting leads and hiring managers.
    • Work on strategic global hiring programs.
    • Develop an action plan for recruiting the best fit for the organization.
    • Procure people for different IT Requirements.
    • Use niche platforms related to IT, to source potential candidates.
    • Personally conduct interviews, document the same, and report as the need arises.
    • In addition to executing individual responsibility should be able to work in unison with the other departments with the Company’s growth perspective in mind.
    • Keeping abreast of the industry trends.


    •  ____________ Degree with ____ years of relevant experience.
    • In-depth knowledge of hiring practices and existing laws with respect to the US market.
    • Experience in building the talent pool for the IT department of the company.
    • Must be comfortable working in EST and PST shifts.
    • Experience in recruiting US Citizens and Green Card holders.
    • Knowledgeable about different US work Visas like H1B, E3, and TN.
    • Familiarity with different US Tax terms is required (1099/W2/Corp-Corp).
    • Strong understanding of technical requirements.
    • Ability to display deep sourcing skills and excellent candidate assessment skills.
    • Should be self-motivated as well as a team player.
    • The ability to think analytically so as to consider all applicants and recommend the right fit for the organization.
    • Should have excellent oral and written communication skills as well as the ability to network in order to build an exemplary IT department for the company.
    • Proficient in English.

    About __________ (Company Name)

    Brief description of your company.


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