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Training Coordinator Interview Questions

Table of Contents

    A training coordinator comes into the picture for assisting a training manager in conducting, coordinating and leading different training activities for employees. Ideal candidates will have strong communication skills, work experience, and industry knowledge as the role doesn’t require any specific degree of education. Choose amongst those who answers are sharp, methodical and clear.  

    • Why do you want to work for us?
    • What according to you are the qualities a training coordinator should possess?
    • How do you define yourself?
    • How do you think the company will be affected positively by hiring you?
    • What do you think are the major challenges of this job?
    • How do you think your past experience has helped you for your present role?
    • How you do prioritize work?
    • What do you think are your prime duties?
    • What is the first thing you’ll focus on if you’re hired?
    • Why do you want to work as a training coordinator?
    • Which learning management systems are you aware of?
    • What are the ways to keep employees engaged during longer than usual training programs?
    • How do you evaluate your training methods?
    • How do you know if you have rightly trained an employee?
    • Walk me through a typical training session.
    • In which way do you expect your teammates (Training manager, supervisor, HR) to work with you?
    • What would you do if you received negative feedback over one of your training sessions?
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