Telesales Representative Interview Questions 

Table of Contents

    Telesales representative is also called a call-centre representative and works by engaging potential customers to drive sales. When interviewing candidates, ensure you select those with excellent communication, creative, interpersonal and sales skills.

    The following questions will help you make the right decision.  

    • Why do you want to work for us? 
    • What according to you are the qualities a sales trainee should possess? 
    • How do you define yourself? 
    • How do you think the company will be affected positively by hiring you? 
    • What do you think are the major challenges of this job? 
    • How do you think your past experience has helped you for your present role? 
    • How you do prioritize work? 
    • What do you think are your prime duties? 
    • What is the first thing you’ll focus on if you’re hired? 
    • What is your management style? 
    • What is your leadership style? 
    • Do you consider yourself a team player? 
    • Have you consistently met your sales goals in your previous jobs?  
    • What would you do if you dint know the answer to a client’s query? 
    • What according to you is excellent customer service? 
    • How do you get customer feedback? 
    • What would you do if any angry customer demands to talk to your manager? 
    • How would you ensure to get customer’s immediate attention? 
    • What information would you collect from a customer while closing a deal? 
    • Which telecom technologies are you familiar with? 
    • What is B2B and B2C sales? How different would you approach be while dealing with them? 
    • Have you ever made a mistake during a client call? 
    • Tell us about your most successful sale. 
    • Tell us about a negative experience during client service. 
    • Tell us about your experience with a team project.  
    • Sell me this table. 
    • What would you do if you disagree with your manager over a sales tactic? 
    • Tell us about a time when you felt fulfilled with your job. 
    • Defend the remuneration package that you want. 
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