Talent Acquisition Manager Job Description [+2024 Template]

Table of Contents

    Job Brief

    We are looking to hire a Manager of Talent Acquisition. This role is meant for someone who is an excellent multi-tasker and go-getter. We are looking for a high-energy individual who can juggle managing their own tasks and the entire team.

    Leadership is a must-have for this role as you will be managing and guiding a team of over X people. We expect you to be a knowledge source as well as a mentor.

    Within the organization, you will be reporting directly to the VP, therefore we expect the highest level of professionalism possible. We have a weekly reporting meeting, which you will be leading.

    About The Role

    As a talent acquisition manager, you should be able to empathize with the hiring process as well as deliver on key metrics that have been given to you by the VP. Within this role, you will be empowered to give it your best and will be given access to some of the top hiring tools and software. We are always looking for new ways to hire and scout talent, along with that, we trust you a lot to be ethical while doing so.


    • Create and build the talent acquisition strategy for the entire company; multi-level hiring and people management
    • Innovate on hiring practices by using new methods or channels. Keep a lookout for talent available in the market and plan accordingly
    • Motivate and energize your team to always be candidate-friendly
    • Monitor market trends in hiring practices and ensure our strategy is in line with the market.
    • Attend events and represent the company at HR-related events. Networking is a key skill for this role.
    • Manage all job descriptions out in the market, ensuring they are high quality and accurate.
    • Keep track of metrics on a weekly/monthly basis for reporting to the VPs
    • Ability to organize and run hiring drives at college campuses/corporate
    • Develop relationships with third-party recruitment agencies and staffing firms and manage the procurement and measurement process.
    • Ability to manage multiple and overlapping processes and projects to completion, prioritize effectively and meet deadlines

    Required skills

    • Must have fluency in English (written and verbal)
    • Proven experience of 3+ years minimum in recruitment function
    • In-depth knowledge of talent systems and software
    • Excellent presentation, analytical, problem solving, and organizational skills
    • MBA is a must-have for this role.
    • Fluent in the use of Microsoft Office applications including, but not limited to, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.



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