Talent Acquisition Director Job Description Template

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    A Talent Acquisition Director is responsible for leading the recruitment team, developing and executing recruitment strategies, and building a talent pipeline. This is a senior-level position that requires excellent people-management skills and strong leadership abilities. An ideal candidate should have extensive experience in recruitment, a thorough knowledge of employment laws, and excellent conversation skills.

    Talent Acquisition Director Job Brief

    We are looking for a Talent Acquisition Director who will be responsible for developing and executing recruitment strategies, and ensuring the company is properly sourcing, screening, and selecting suitable candidates. The director should be able to build a talent pipeline, maintain relationships with candidates and hiring managers, and oversee the onboarding process. An ideal candidate should have a proven track record of successful recruitment campaigns, excellent communication skills, and knowledge of the latest recruitment trends.

    Talent Acquisition Director Roles and Responsibilities

    • In this role, a Talent Acquisition Director is responsible for:
    • Developing recruitment plans and strategies that align with the company’s mission and values
    • Maintaining relationships with job candidates, hiring managers, and external recruiting agencies
    • Developing and executing successful recruitment campaigns
    • Building and maintaining a talent pipeline of high-quality job candidates
    • Ensuring that the business is compliant with all employment laws and regulations
    • Overseeing the onboarding process of new employees
    • Analysing and reporting recruitment metrics to the management team

    Talent Acquisition Director Requirements

    • A successful candidate for this role should have:
    • Education in Human Resources, Business Management, or a related field
    • Minimum 5 years of experience in a similar role
    • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
    • Knowledge of the latest trends in recruitment
    • Excellent research, assessment, and analytical skills
    • Ability to work unaided, manage multiple tasks, and handle competing priorities
    • Knowledge of employment laws and regulations
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