Stress Management Interview Questions

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    Work often involves managing stress due to the nature of different roles. Be it doing tasks within the tight deadlines, ensuring goals are met, building the team or keeping the clients happy- each brings a level of stress with itself.

    As such, it is vital for employers to ask stress management questions to all candidates for evaluating their potential of handling stress while also being productive. These questions will help you do just that and find the right fit with the right attitude for your company.

    • How do you ensure your professional life isn’t affected by your personal life problems?
    • How would you react if a deadline is passed and the work isn’t done yet?
    • How well do you work under pressure? Tell us about a time when you successfully delivered the work under immense pressure. How did you achieve that?
    • What is your definition of stress?
    • Tell us about a time when you felt most stressed in your workplace. How did you come out of it?
    • What according to you is the most stressful job/task?
    • How do you prioritize tasks?
    • Tell us about a time when you made mistakes in your work due to stress.
    • How comfortable are you with public speaking as in meetings with clients, team, higher management authorities, etc.?
    • How would you handle a situation where your co-workers or team members are extremely stressed about a certain task?
    • How do you handle constructive criticism?
    • How is this interview going for you?
    • How would you react if your manager gave you a bad review in front of your colleagues?
    • Tell us about a time when you had to make a tough decision/choose between things. (Fire someone or select one amongst two job offers).
    • What would you do if a co-worker takes the credit for your work and gets the promotion instead of you?
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