Sourcing Specialist Job Description Template

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    The primary role of a sourcing specialist is to identify, attract, and screen potential candidates for open positions. They collaborate with recruiters and hiring managers to understand the specific requirements of each job position and then deploy techniques such as job boards, social media, networking, and campus webinars, etc., to build strong relationships with talent.  

    Sourcing specialists are an essential part of the HR team as they are crucial to creating a pipeline of talent for immediate and future opportunities. 


    Here is an ideal sourcing specialist job description template. Feel free to tailor it to your needs. 


    About the Role

    A sourcing specialist is an integral part of our dynamic HR team. They are responsible for implementing sourcing plans to attract and manage a talented workforce. They collaborate with multiple wings of the HR department to build a solid talent pool for future requirements. 

    Job Overview

    We are looking for a dynamic, passionate, and driven individual for our (Office location) branch. As a sourcing specialist, you will be responsible for attracting the right talent to propel our organization forward. You will work closely with our recruitment team to understand the unique needs of each vacant job position and design strategies to attract top talent. This role requires a high level of creativity as you need to deploy unique strategies to engage with passive candidates. You will also need strong communication skills and empathy to build lasting relationships with candidates. This is an exciting opportunity and is for someone that wants to contribute to the real-time success of our organization. 

    Roles and Responsibilities

    The sourcing specialist is responsible for: 

    • Identifying potential talent sources through social media, professional networks, and other effective sourcing strategies. 
    • Building a strong candidate pipeline for the company’s current and future workforce needs. 
    • Assessing and updating an organization’s talent information and potential requirements. 
    • Framing and implementing effective sourcing strategies by collaborating with the recruitment team. 
    • Collaborating with various departments to identify talent gaps and predict future requirements. 
    • Communicating the quantitative and qualitative impact of their efforts organization wide. 
    • Negotiating with selected candidates to reduce the overall cost per hire. 
    • Analyzing current market trends and predicting the future workforce requirements of the organization. 
    • Building long-term relationships with passive candidates through their network. 
    • Attending seminars and workshops to update oneself on the recent trends and build a strong professional network. 


    • Bachelor’s degree in administration, human resources, or another related field. 
    • Prior experience of 2+ years in the field of (preferred industry type). 
    • Thorough understanding of various sourcing methodologies, applicant tracking systems, and other recruitment software. 
    • Strong communication, analytical, and problem-solving skills. 
    • Keen attention to detail and sound time management and organizational skills. 
    • Innovative strategist with the ability to thrive in fast-paced environments. 
    • Flexible team player with great interpersonal skills. 
    • Proficient in MS Office applications, ERP tools, and data management. 
    • Ability to gather relevant information and data interpretation skills. 
    • Certification in sourcing or recruitment from reputable sources (e.g., LinkedIn, Keka Academy) is an added advantage. 
    • Multitasking ability with an independent and creative solution-oriented approach towards business operations. 
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