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Software Analyst Job Description Template

We are looking for a well-deserved Software Analyst to join our growing team of professionals. As a Software Analyst, you are expected to be an analyst and a programmer during the development, implementation, and support of information systems and applications. You will be the primary point of contact between customers and the development team. 

You will have to work with customers to understand their needs and the specifications the project requires. After careful planning and research, you need to work with other software developers to produce code and a system to meet those specifications. If issues arise, you are responsible for rewriting code and providing updates to the users. Your responsibilities may include resolving conflicts between the client and the development team or between internal development groups.


  • Arrange project requirements in programming sequence by analyzing requirements; preparing a work flow chart and diagram using knowledge of computer capabilities, subject matter, programming language, and logic.
  • Maintain, manage and modify all software systems, tools, and applications.
  • Develop and analyze functional specifications.
  • Be the interface between end-users and software consultants.
  • Resolve complex issues relating to business requirements and objectives.
  • Coordinate and support software professionals in installing and analyzing applications and tools.
  • Develop, analyze and implement testing procedures, programming, and documentation.
  • Train and develop other software analysts.
  • Analyze, design, and develop modifications and changes to existing systems to enhance performance.
  • Design efficient IT systems to meet business and technology needs.
  • Coordinate with developers to build and implement technology solutions.
  • Integrate multiple systems and reconcile the needs of different teams.
  • Confirm program operation by conducting tests; modifying program sequence and/or codes.
  • Research, evaluate and recommend solutions and appropriate technology to meet user’s needs.
  • Work with customers to maintain existing software as needed throughout their lifetime.
  • On completion, you will install and train the customer to effectively use the program.

Education Qualifications

A bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, business administration, engineering, or a related field. 


  • A minimum of 5 years experience as a software analyst or related function.
  • A highly analytical mindset and ability to understand business needs.
  • Excellent communication skills and problem-solving abilities are essential.
  • Hands-on experience with technical projects is a must.
  • Knowledge of databases, system security and troubleshooting recommended.

About us

A brief synopsis of the company.

Sample Job Description

#1 Accenture

Job Title: Software Engineering Analyst

Level: Analyst 

Join Accenture and help transform leading organizations and communities around the world.  The sheer scale of our capabilities and client engagements and the way we collaborate operate and deliver value provide an unparalleled opportunity to grow and advance.  Choose Accenture, and make delivering innovative work part of your extraordinary career.

Technology moves at a breakneck pace. Today’s new breakthrough is tomorrow’s obsolete solution. Are you just bystanders watching it all go by or are you leveraging your expertise to help clients innovate grow and improve their operations?

Accenture Technology delivers everything from point solutions for a single business function to large, long-term outsourcing services and complex systems integration installations spanning multiple businesses and functions. Join us and become an integral part of our experienced Technology team with the credibility, expertise, and insight to help our clients become high-performing organizations.

Job description and scope includes:

You will be involved in testing, coding, software maintenance, or assisting in implementing the processes required to deploy applications. You will have the opportunity to team up with other parts of the Accenture organization to offer an unrivalled mix of skills and solutions, using some of the most advanced technology around.


  • A relevant degree or equivalent
  • Recent graduates (with <3 years of work experience) and graduate students graduating in your last academic year
  • Strong aptitude and interest in technology
  • An ability to work in a team, and good interpersonal skills
  • Flexible: willingness to work on different projects/different locations
  • High Learning Agility: assimilates information & learns new techniques & methodologies quickly; enjoys learning
  • Problem-Solver: breaks complex problems into parts and proposes possible solutions
  • Creative: enjoys exploring alternative possibilities and outcomes
  • Outcome-focused: seeks to understand the broader team priorities/goal & aligns own work to them

You will also have opportunities to hone your functional skills and expertise in an area of specialization.  We offer a variety of formal and informal training programs at every level to help you acquire and build specialized skills faster. Learning takes place both on the job and through formal training conducted online, in the classroom, or in collaboration with teammates. The sheer variety of work we do, and the experience it offers, provide an unbeatable platform from which to build a career.

Accenture is an equal opportunities employer and welcomes applications from all sections of society and does not discriminate on grounds of race, religion or belief, ethnic or national origin, disability, age, citizenship, marital, domestic or civil partnership status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other basis as protected by applicable law.


#2 FresherMart

Mandatory Skills:

  • Selenium knowledge + Jenkins + GIT is a MUST.
  • API Testing is a must. Preferably hands-on exp. in API Automation using SOAPUI or Selenium Rest Assured.

Job Description:

  • Strong experience in Java, web drivers, Maven, IDE tools
  • Strong experience in XML, JSON; SOAPUI/ POSTMAN/ Rest-Assured.
  • Strong experience with Jenkins, Confluence, GIT, Bitbucket, HipChat
  • Strong experience with ALM Test lab/ Run/ Requirements, dashboard modules;
  • Strong experience in testing APIs using SAOP UI for XML and JSON format messages.
  • Experience in Backend testing using SQL developer.
  • Exposure to Grafana or Couchbase would be an added advantage.
  • Knowledge of selenium connectors with ALM, Jenkins with ALM.
  • Knowledge of UNIX internals & working knowledge with tools like Putty, Mobax, etc.
  • Strong knowledge of configuration, setting up the test environment for GUI applications.
  • Experience in Hotel/ Hospitality domain preferred (not mandatory).

Job Location: Bangalore

Experience (Years): 3-6 Years


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