Social Media Coordinator Job Description Template

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    The ideal candidate for the role of Social Media Coordinator should know the latest trends, platforms, and technologies in social media. This role involves creating, curating, and posting content that fits the company’s voice while keeping track of engagement. Professionals in this role must have good communication and creative skills. They should have the ability to work with other departments to coordinate social media efforts with the company’s marketing goals.

    Job Brief

    We are looking for a Social Media Coordinator who can manage the company’s social media presence by engaging with followers, responding to comments and messages, and strategizing marketing campaigns. The candidate should have good communication skills, be able to make sense of data, and have experience in scheduling and monitoring social media posts. Creativity and multitasking in a fast-paced environment are highly valued.

    Roles and Responsibilities

    • Create and run social media marketing campaigns, set a budget and target the right audience
    • Use social media strategies aligning with the company’s goals and brand guidelines
    • Prepare and share interesting content that fits the company’s voice
    • Plan and post updates on social media
    • Ideate ways to increase the company’s social media following and engagement
    • Manage the company’s social media presence on different platforms
    • Analyze social media data to measure performance and engagement
    • Work with other departments to coordinate and align marketing and social media efforts
    • Respond to questions from customers and interact with social media followers
    • Keep an eye on social media trends and changes to algorithms and rules
    • Work with influencers and partners to promote the company’s products or services
    • Make and update a social media calendar to plan and implement content strategies
    • Monitor the company’s online reputation and respond to negative comments
    • Build and maintain relationships with groups on social media
    • Use social media monitoring tools to track people’s opinions about the company


    • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Communications, or a similar field
    • 2-3 years of experience in digital marketing or social media
    • Excellent communication and writing skills
    • Familiarity with social media platforms and tools
    • Ability to create interesting content
    • Knowledge of the latest trends and best ways to use social media platforms
    • Experience with digital ads and paid social media campaigns
    • Strong analytical skills to measure and report social media metrics
    • Strong organizational and time management skills
    • Ability to prioritize and multitask when needed
    • Familiarity with social media regulations

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How many hours does a Social Media Coordinator work?

    A Social Media Coordinator’s working hours can vary depending on the organization and the job itself. It can be flexible or can comprise fixed working hours. Sometimes, monitoring platforms and answering queries could drag into the weekend.

    2. What are some common problems that Social Media Coordinators have to deal with?

    Social Media Coordinators often have to deal with problems like changing algorithms, maintaining engagement, and dealing with negative feedback.

    3. How do Social Media Coordinators keep up with the latest trends and developments in social media?

    Social Media Coordinators attend webinars and conferences to keep up with the latest social media trends and developments. They also follow industry thought leaders and publications and regularly check social media analytics.

    4. What tools and software do Social Media Coordinators need to do their jobs?

    Social Media Coordinators use tools and software like Hootsuite, Buffer, Sprout Social, and Google Analytics. They also make graphics and other visual content using design tools like Canva and Adobe Creative Suite.

    5. How does a Social Media Coordinator move up in their job?

    Some ways to move up in the career of a Social Media Coordinator are to become a Social Media Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, or Marketing Director. One can also move up in this field by securing higher education and certifications.

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