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SEO Analyst Interview Questions 

A company’s reliance on search engines underlines the critical role of SEO, especially in creating digital marketing strategies. With the digital technology-driven world of today, it has become vital to brand your business online. And to keep a tab on the improvements your online presence is making needs to be put in figures to evaluate it. Here’s when an SEO expert comes into the picture. He/She can identify where and through which ways your company’s revenue can be increased by making it felt online.

This role is not only crucial but also pretty nerve-wracking. You want to select the one who holds immense knowledge of the field and is a lover of links. You also want to make sure that he is aware of the million terms used in SEO.

To make things simpler for you and help you, screen candidates, better, here is a list of questions you can ask the potential employees.

  • Why is SEO important for a business?
  • What is your process of developing an SEO growth strategy? Tell us about your most recent one.
  •  Which SEO factors cannot be controlled or altered?
  • What is Google’s Rich Answer Box?
  • What is a backlink?
  • What is the Sandbox effect?
  • How is Blackhat and Whitehat in SEO?
  • What are LSI keywords?
  • What is onpage and offpage?
  • What are crawlers, robots and spiders?
  • Are SEO and SEM related? If yes, how? If no, why?
  • How do you avoid Google Penalty?
  • How do you ascertain success in an SEO’s role?
  • Which kind of analytics do you practise?
  • Which tools do you use for SEO?
  • What is a canonical issue? What do you do when you witness a page in it?
  • How will you find the DR of a website?
  • How are DRs ranked?
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