Sales Consultant Interview Questions

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    Sales Consultants are in charge of making sales presentations and contacting prospective buyers in order to market the company’s products or services. Sales consultants also cultivate partnerships with new and current clients in order to secure their future business. When hiring Sales Consultants, the ideal candidate should have strong interpersonal skills and the ability to easily establish relationships with others.  

    Interview questions for sales consultant: 

    • What prompted you to pursue a career in sales consulting? 
    • What’s your strategy for dealing with client objections, and how do you transform a “no” into a “yes?” 
    • How well do you know our various products and services? 
    • Describe how you begin and end the sales process in depth. 
    • What did you learn in your previous sales career that you think will help you succeed in this position? 
    • Which of our products are your favorite and which are your least favorites? Try to persuade me to buy one of these things. 
    • How do you know if dwindling revenues are caused by an internal or external issue? What are your plans for resolving these issues? 
    • What kind of salesperson are you? How do you modify your style to fit various personalities? 
    • How can you figure out which products are best for your clients? 
    • Describe a time when you treated a consumer complaint effectively. How did you resolve the issue? 
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