Quarterly one-on-one Checklist

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    Maintaining an emphasis on strategies while allowing rational, quick decisions that are customer-centric and data-driven, all while ensuring that new learning permeates a growing organization, can be a challenging leadership task. A quarterly one-on-one meeting and other strategic planning meetings, when properly planned and implemented, become critical to provide consistent guidance for employees within the organization. 

    Managers review success metrics and determine changes that should be made based on previous quarters’ outcomes and other details at quarterly one-on-one sessions. They explore and debate on future plans before establishing a strategy for advancement against the company’s existing primary objectives. 

    Use this checklist to have a structured quarterly one-on-one with your employees: 

    • Start with reviewing the previous quarter performance through: 
      • Presentation 
      • Spreadsheets 
      • Client feedback reports 
    • Review the data and identify progress in the specified metrics 
    • Have a look at their contribution apart from their daily tasks 
    • Appreciate the areas where you see progress and accomplishment of goals 
    • Focus on the persistent obstacles encountered by employees 
    • Check if they need any training or help from your end 
    • Discuss how to fix them and create a plan of action 
    • Provide an open floor for discussion and let them open up regarding their issues/concerns 
    • Create action items for the next quarter 

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