Quality Analyst Job Description Template: Roles and Responsibilities

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    Quality analyst job goes beyond technical know-how as they should also have good communication skills, cooperation to work well with a team, and excellent problem-solving skills. The quality analyst is part of the development team and works under the project manager or QA manager.

    Job Brief 

    We are looking for a Quality analyst for our Quality assurance team. The Quality Analyst job role in the organization will be to create and support test plans and scripts and successfully execute the testing of projects. The selected Quality analyst will be expected to work closely with different departments to execute and validate test cases according to the requirements. They can also suggest changes if needed. The QA will deliver a fully functional end product that matches the client’s requirements. 

    We are looking for an analytical mind having an aptitude for problem-solving. An ideal candidate for our organization should be a team player with quality assurance best practices.  

    Quality analyst roles and responsibilities 

    Quality analyst roles and responsibilities include

    • Creating test plans for the projects.
    • Carry out the made test plans to ensure the goals are achieved.
    • Identify flaws or bugs during the production process and correct them.
    • Implement the test scripts to evaluate the product’s usability, quality, performance, and dependability.
    • QA creates procedures and policies involving quality assurance.
    • Suggest preventive measures and corrective measures to ensure the requirements for quality assurance are met.
    • The quality analyst’s role is also to collect and examine the statistical data.
    • The QA also ensures that the user and client expectations are met during testing.
    • QA will also take care of clients’/customers’ complaints.
    • The most important role of quality assurance analysts is to follow the industry and quality regulatory requirements.


    • Should have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering, information technology, or a similar discipline.
    • Must have prior experience in testing, quality inspection, or auditing.
    • The candidate should possess great computer skills, and QA programs and databases are known.
    • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.
    • Detail-oriented with great analytical skills.
    • Strong problem-solving skills are preferred.

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    1. What Is the Role of a Quality Analyst?

    The role of a Quality Analyst is that of a tester responsible for making project test plans. They assess the functionality of a product and whether the product is up to the quality standards. Once the product has been developed, the QA checks the product for performance and reliability. They also take care of the client’s or customers’ feedback.

    2. What Experience Is Needed to Qualify as a Quality Analyst?

    Experience required to become a Quality Analyst is to be an engineering graduate, computer science, or similar field. A QA should know quality auditing, testing, and inspection with good communication skills.

    3. What Are the Skills Required for a Quality Analyst?

    A QA is expected to be detail-oriented and attentive to the quality of the product. Time management and teamwork are important quality analyst skills. The person should also be good at communication and creativity.

    4. What does a Quality Analyst do?

    Quality analysts develop and execute plans for testing for different projects. They should also analyze and test the product’s functionality and whether it meets the organization’s quality standards. 

    5. What makes a good Quality Analyst?

    A good quality analyst comes with a proven work record with experience in testing, auditing, and quality inspections. To be a good QA, you should have excellent communication skills combined with analytical and problem-solving skills. 

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