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    The Public Relations Manager is responsible for maintaining the brand image among the public. They create brand campaigns and distribute them to online and offline media to create a brand identity. They need to be fluent in addressing the media.

    PR managers also have to use social media for media campaigns. Therefore, while looking for suitable candidates for this role, recruiters should look for people having strong communication skills.

    Essential Skills For A Public Relation Manager

    The requirements for a public relation manager differs with the company. Some companies may hire an in-house team to manage the company’s PR. On the other hand, some businesses prefer agencies to handle their PR. Finding the right talent that fits the company’s needs is crucial. Recruiters should always look for industry seniors who already have strong media relationships.

    Hiring freshers for PR roles isn’t a bad idea either. Ambitious marketers who are looking for a career change will also be ideal candidates for the PR job. However, one should ensure the prospects have the skills needed to develop a uniform brand image.

    Ideal prospects should come to the interview prepared with details about the company. They should have some fresh PR ideas for the brand. They should be able to comment on the strategy and campaigns the business uses. Encouraging them to ask questions will help the recruiters to assess their passion for the job.

    Role Related Questions

    Recruiters should ensure the candidates understand the job they are applying for. Trusting a PR person who has only formal education is not ideal. However, if they are creative and have a good portfolio, they can deliver their duties properly.

    Recruiters should decide the type of prospects they need and identify the most important skills expected from them. Only then can one prepare the right questions to evaluate the candidate’s expertise.

    Here are a few questions that can help recruiters gauge the ability of candidates applying for the role of PR managers.

    1. How do you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and news?

    The recruiter asks this question to see if the candidate is well-versed with the latest media trends. Staying up-to-date with these trends will result in the company’s growth in line with the latest trends.

    The candidate should explain how they keep themselves regularly engaged in following the latest industry trends. They should mention attending industry events and subscribing to relevant publications and newsletters. They should also mention that they keep in touch with industry professionals and establishments on social media.

    2. Can you walk us through your approach to creating a successful PR campaign?

    The recruiter would expect the candidate’s well-researched process for identifying target audiences.

    The candidate should explain how they research competitors’ strategies and determine the target audience’s needs. They should show how they develop compelling content with the help of these latest trends.

    3. How do you handle negative media coverage or feedback?

    The recruiter would expect the candidate to display their experience in quickly and effectively managing crises. They may explain how they would resolve the crises through open communication, transparency, and strategic messaging.

    They should also give examples of successful reputation management in the face of negative feedback or media coverage.

    4. How do you measure the success of a PR Campaign?

    The interviewer would expect the candidate to be well-versed in metrics such as impressions, reach, engagement, and conversations.

    The candidate should be able to explain how they would tailor their measurement approach based on the specific goals and objectives of a PR campaign.

    5. How do you pitch your story to journalists?

    The recruiter would expect the candidate to describe their pitching skills.

    The candidate should mention a specific instance in which they demonstrated strong relationship-building skills. They should explain how they would make a story newsworthy and relevant to a particular outlet, with a keen understanding.

    They should also be able to articulate the outcomes of the pitch, such as resulting media coverage or increased visibility for the client or brand.

    Skill based questions

    The candidate should demonstrate good verbal and written skills. They should excel in communication and public speaking. They should be willing to work in challenging conditions and respond to crises calmly and effectively.

    They also should have relationship-building skills to work with media outlets. HR needs PR people who can create strategic solutions to create a positive PR for the brand. They need to ask questions that reveal the teamwork and analytical skills of the candidate.

    1. Which media methods have you used in the past PR campaigns?

    Recruiters need versatile PR managers who can create an effective pitch for many media outlets. The same brand message needs to be delivered differently on the media channels.

    This question will help HR learn about the candidate’s work experience and skills. They should talk about their media skills that have helped them with previous PR campaigns. They should be willing to share their ideas on effective PR strategies and trends.

    2. What are your biggest strengths and skills as a PR manager?

    PR trends continue to evolve, and one should be willing to learn on the job. This question will encourage the candidate to share their learning experience. If a person is not interested in adapting to changing media trends, they may not be successful in the future.

    So, recruiters should ask this question to see how well the candidate has improved and what they have learned so far. They should also show their analytic and data skills as they can measure improvement based on metrics.

    3. How do you integrate social media with PR?

    In the digital commerce world, a PR manager should also have social media skills. They should have good knowledge of the social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc. They should understand where the company audience will be and use those channels effectively.

    They also need to show they can watch the target market and trends. The recruiter should also make sure that the prospect can measure PR metrics such as impressions, engagement, and clicks.

    4. What are the results of the PR work you have done so far?

    Recruiters should hire candidates with proven PR experience. This question will help HR to learn more about the track record of the prospect.

    They should have solid data to show how they have improved brand awareness, sales, and media coverage with their previous PR campaigns. It will also help HR assess how well the candidate measures their success. Hiring a candidate who can show measurable results will be valuable to the company.

    5. How would you handle a PR campaign if it goes wrong?

    Recruiters should also ask questions that delve into the failures of the candidates. One who admits and learns from their mistakes will be a good fit for the company. This question will encourage prospects to show their quick thinking skills and ability to deploy damage control measures.

    Their response should show how they have clarified the misunderstandings and created contingency plans. They should talk about how they adapted the campaign on the fly to change the audience’s response.

    Behavior-based questions

    The public relation manager a company hires should have a pleasant persona. They have to be amicable with reporters, journalists, and publishers. Their professional image will reflect the brand image. They may have to deal with aggressive reports during in-person interviews and campaigns.

    So, companies should ensure that they hire a person who can stay calm during adverse situations. They should react quickly to bring the crowd under control and establish a positive image of the brand.

    1. How do you handle negative media attention?

    The PR manager should have experience in managing negative publicity. When there is a crisis, the PR person should know and collaborate with the stakeholders.

    This question will help HR assess the proactive approach of the prospect to avoid negative media attention. If that happens, they have to respond swiftly to address the crisis.

    2. How would you train or mentor your team members?

    A PR manager should work with a PR team to promote the brand image. They should help the team members reach their full potential and be willing to be a mentor.

    They have to create effective training programs to get their team members on the same page for PR campaigns. A prospect’s ability to support the team members is crucial for the PR’s success.

    The interviewer asks this question to assess if the candidate can lead and train their team.

    3. What do you find interesting about a PR role?

    The ideal candidate should have a fresh perspective on the PR strategy for the company they want to work for. It will also demonstrate the candidate’s research skills. Their answer will show HR how detail oriented they are.

      This question will help the recruiters understand the candidate’s passion for the job they are applying for.

    4. How do you handle disrespectful reporters or intrusive questions?

    A PR manager should often meet with journalists and reports to respond to their questions. These sessions can quickly turn hectic if the people asking questions are aggressive.

    Recruiters should identify candidates who can keep a calm composure when facing adversity. Their answer to this question will help HR assess whether the candidate can build and establish trust with media people.

     5. How would you repair a tarnished client relationship when the client is unhappy about the campaign?

    Recruiters should ask this question to know the candidate’s ability to handle difficult client relationships.

    The candidate should listen to the client’s needs and adjust campaigns to their liking. They should not ignore the view of the target market. Sometimes, market expectations may be different from the client’s views.

    In that case, the PR manager should create a campaign that assures success for the client. HR can assess the candidate’s problem-solving skills with this question.

    6. How do you give priority to managing competing deadlines and projects?

    The recruiter would expect the candidate to demonstrate strong administrative and time management skills. They are also expected to effectively delegate tasks and communicate with team members.

    They should describe a time when they successfully managed multiple projects with competing deadlines, highlighting their approach to prioritization, delegation, and effective communication with stakeholders.

    Final word

    Besides communication skills, HR should look for resourcefulness and creativity in a Public Relations Manager. The prospect’s portfolio will clearly show their skills and work experience.

    As a part of the interview process, recruiters can ask the candidate for a writing sample for the company’s PR purposes. It will showcase their written skills. During the interview, recruiters should ask questions that prompt the candidate to showcase their sales and marketing skills.

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