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Professional Services Automation (PSA) software that improves business outcomes

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If you manage a team or a large number of employees, whether in-office, hybrid, or remote, it can be hard to track employee attendance and schedule. 

Obviously, no manager grew up dreaming about manually creating and updating spreadsheets. Everyone wants to spend valuable time on the strategic aspects of the business. Managers work on estimates in a business. Billing of projects is done in different ways, such as billable and contractual. How a project should be billed (hourly/daily/weekly/monthly/per feature/per project) is also a key element. For organizations, this is a roadblock that’s quite overwhelming and exhausting. 

It is why Keka initially built its timesheet software so anyone could track time and resource utilization in their services business. Recently, we’ve added a more functional Product Services Automation (PSA) mechanism to our timesheet software and the new super-fast timesheet software has been buffed and polished to the point that it pretty much sparkles now.   

We built this solution after figuring out certain problems in the market. Problems like: 

  • Leaders not getting updates/ status from my project manager on various aspects of any project.   
  • Leaders not being able to know if there is any risk and what is the plan of action against the risk.   
  • Leaders not being able to know how the project is performing over a while. 
  • Project Manager not receiving updates from the Delivery director / CEO on the Project health status.  

And more… The understanding of problems has given us some excellent foundations on which to continue building high-quality, high-performance, robust, user-friendly software. 

Let’s first quickly understand PSA.  

What is PSA? 

Professional services automation (PSA) software helps organizations in managing back-office and front-office activities. 

The aim is to deliver: 

  1. Improve Business processes  
  2. Portfolio Management  
  3. Improve efficiency  
  4. Productivity  
  5. profitability  

For example, The CEO assigns projects to different departments and won’t have the time to manually check the progress of previous or ongoing projects. Project health will give an overview of how things are ongoing. 

PSA is super helpful for the following industries or stakeholders:

  • Professional IT services  
  • Management Consultants  
  • Law Firms  
  • Architects Firms  
  • Marketing account managers  

The Solutions 

Here’s the gist of functionalities and how everything works in Keka’s Project Health. 

Normally, a project manager sends an email every month after recording data in excel sheets. The problem is that all this pile up, and the lack of a data-driven approach results in mismanagement. Now, directly come here, and you’ll see the overall progress of a particular project. Reports like project completion, project budget, project health, etc. 

dashboard showing project status

project health of an individual

Both overall status and detailed individual status are available for a given set of projects. A quick summary can be given to the CEO by the project manager. 

project health status of different employees

Set tasks, milestones for a project and push your team forward to achieve them in time. 

milestones in a project

Instant Project Health Reminders.

email notification One can manage all the clients in a single place.

billing hours summaryThe Rate cards are based on the client, you define the billing rate based on the client. 

Rate cards for different projectsA manager would be able to approve or reject a pending timesheet request. If there is no approval, then it will become auto-approval.   

approval list of projects

Track invoices to keep a check on the expenses. 

invoice details

Finally, Keka does have some customized templates. There is zero setup time and it’s ready to use from minute one. 

We understand you have questions. Our list of FAQs will surely help you out. Solving customer problems is why we exist. 

Note: Have more questions? feel free to reach out. 


Q. Is this a paid feature?

Yes, this is a paid feature. 

Q. Can I check who has submitted and who hasn’t?

Yes, in the dashboard we can see who’s been updating regularlywho hasn’t done that for a long time, and all other related information regarding project health. It’ll be in summary as part of health status.

Q. Ideal fit for what size of organizations?

It’s a fit for all sizes of organizations. 

Q. Billing rules for temporary employees?

We are building something for employees who’re working on contract or temporarily. 

To end…  

With Keka’s new and improved Public Services Automation software, deliver more profitable services by streamlining project execution and improving collaboration.


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