Product Marketing Manager Job Description Template

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    A Product Marketing Manager oversees selling of a company’s products. They make and carry out plans to make people aware of the product and increase sales. This job role involves

    The best person for this job will have good communication and leadership skills. They must know their target audience and have product marketing experience.

    About the Role

    Our organization is a leading provider of innovative products and services. We specialize in products that strongly focus on continuous growth and customer satisfaction. We are a trusted brand in the market. As a Product Marketing Manager in our company, you will play a vital role in ensuring the growth and success of our products and services. The Product Marketing Manager Job description also entails effective collaborations and market research.

    Job Brief

    Our team is looking for an experienced and skilled Product Marketing Manager. You will develop and execute strategic marketing plans to ensure the success of our products. The Manager will also be required to conduct market research, collaborate with cross-functional teams and create effective messaging and positioning for successful product launches and growth.


    • Understand the product thoroughly.
    • Develop and execute complete product marketing strategies.
    • To understand market trends, customer preferences, and competitors, conduct market research in global product marketing.
    • Collaborate with various teams to deliver successful product launches and marketing campaigns.
    • Create effective messaging across channels like ad campaigns, landing pages, etc.
    • Support the sales team by delivering sales materials and training.
    • Identify growth opportunities by analyzing data and customer feedback.
    • Monitor the product’s performance, its competition, and the latest trends in the industry.
    • Provide feedback and information for product development by working closely with product management.
    • Work with marketing teams for developing and executing marketing campaigns.
    • Analyze, measure, and report on the product marketing initiatives’ success.

    Requirements and Skills

    • Bachelor’s in marketing, communication, or a similar field.
    • You should have excellent communication, storytelling, presentation, and Product marketing skills.
    • Proven work experience as a Product Marketing Manager or in a similar capacity.
    • Should have a good understanding of product marketing strategies.
    • Analytical mind for interpreting data and customer feedback/reactions.
    • Project management skills are mandatory for prioritizing and meeting deadlines and organizational skills.
    • A team player who can work efficiently with various teams’ is part of a product marketing job description.
    • Should possess knowledge of competitive analysis and market research.
    • Should be able to develop sales copies.
    • The candidate should be a strategic thinker and problem-solver.
    • Skills like Creativity should come in handy for developing compelling messaging and positioning. 
    • Should have strong research skills.

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    1. What is the role of the Product Marketing Manager?

    A Product Marketing Manager’s role is to market a product. They own a product’s branding, positioning, and messaging. They will have a detailed understanding of the product’s target audience and promotional features.

    2. What do you need to become a product marketing manager?

    Product Marketing Manager jobs require a bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, or any relevant field. Having an MBA could be a plus. Work as an intern in an organization for some time, get your certificate, and further your career as a Product Marketing Manager.

    3. What is a Product Marketing Manager?

    A professional who understands the value of a product to its target audience and communicates the same effectively is Product Marketing Manager. They develop and execute a market strategy: market research, creating a sales plan, designing sales materials, and distributing campaigns. They also work with cross-functional teams to ensure the success of the product.

    4. How does a Product Marketing Manager differ from a Product Manager?

    Product managers lead the creation of a product, while Product marketing managers lead the go-to-the market of that product. Product management is about creating, developing, and commercializing a product, but the product marketing job only requires commercializing that product.


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