PPC Manager Job Description Template

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    A PPC (pay-per-click) Manager must design, launch, and monitor PPC advertisement campaigns for businesses. This role requires a strong analytical mindset to continuously modify campaigns according to the budget and marketing requirements for optimal exposure and cost.

    Job Brief

    We are looking for a PPC Manager to launch, run, and monitor campaigns for various clients. An ideal candidate must track and manage paid search budgets, ensuring the best returns on the campaigns. They must manage the digital marketing team to create strategic PPC campaigns that drive performance and deliver results.

    Roles and Responsibilities:

    • Create the best-paid search advertisements within the budget
    • Explore marketing channels to design, launch, and optimize PPC campaigns
    • Create organic results for paid search campaigns on multiple media channels
    • Maintain PPC accounts on ad platforms like Google Adwords
    • Optimize targeted keywords for campaigns
    • Ensure the campaign reaches the targeted audience
    • Proactively update bids to increase ROI
    • Track KPIs for performance assessment
    • Identify and respond to PPC ad issues
    • Produce easy-to-read reports for management
    • Design concise and attractive advertisement copy
    • Update marketing campaigns based on audience response
    • Maintain effective partnerships with PPC vendors and ad platforms
    • Creatively minimize click fraud
    • Be familiar with click-through rates, cost per click, cost per conversion, return on ad spend, etc.
    • Assess competitors to produce new strategies
    • Provide analytical insights on campaign performance
    • Monitor daily and monthly budgeting
    • Monitor and track campaign metrics for each client
    • Generate reports to identify areas of improvement
    • Follow trends and train the team to meet client needs


    • Bachelor’s degree in digital media, marketing, or related fields
    • Experience as a digital marketing specialist or PPC Manager
    • Demonstrated knowledge of data analytics tools such as Google Analytics, WebTrends, Tableau, etc.
    • Strong knowledge of digital marketing technologies, including SEO and SEM
    • Proficient in daily, weekly, and monthly reporting standards
    • Familiar with paid search ad platforms like Adwords, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, etc.
    • Excellent in MS Office and MS Excel

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. What are the most important traits of a PPC Manager?

      An ideal candidate must have a proper understanding of PPC campaigns and the latest PPC platforms. They need to have strong communication skills to deliver advertisements to the target audience. They should proactively learn from each campaign to improve performance and target reach.

    2. Is working as a PPC Manager a good career opportunity?

      Digital marketing needs will continue to increase, and PPC campaigns will grow. PPC Managers will always be sought after to improve ROI.

    3. Is it difficult to become a PPC Manager?

      To become a good PPC manager, candidates must know the ways to dynamically alter the strategy with each campaign. They should learn advertising skills to make attractive ad copies and find ways to create ads that are interesting to click on.

    4. How is a PPC strategy developed?

      A good strategy pays attention to the requirements of the clients and understands the target audience. PPC campaigns can be created to cater to mobile devices as well by developing campaigns with a voice search feature. A PPC strategy will also use target outranking shares to stay ahead of the competitors.

    5. How to use competitor insights for PPC?

      Focus on the keywords that competitors target. Use ad preview tools to compare campaigns with competitors. Get auction insights from Google and Microsoft to know the SERPs of the ads.

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