Physiotherapist Interview Questions 

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    When you interview candidates for the role of a physiotherapist, look for their attitude and whether their skills and knowledge are what you require for your hospital or institution. Screen them on their real-life experience rather than basing the questions just on situational questions. This role requires experience on enough patients to get a glimpse of their expertise.

    An ideal candidate will be empathetic, have good communication skills and be patient to teach exercises and other activities to elderly patients if your centre also caters to old patients.

    In your hunt for a physiotherapist that can fit your facility, here are a few questions you can ask candidates.

    • How do you think your experience has helped you prepare for the next steps in your career?
    • Why did you choose to be a physiotherapist?
    • What is your experience with geriatric patients?
    • What are the challenges of this profession? Tell us about a time you dealt with one.
    • Tell us about an incident where a patient got aggressive.
    • What do you know about NHS Employers Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF)?
    • What exercises would you advise a patient who is in the first stage of developing arthritis?
    • What will your role be in treating a young patient with arthritis?
    • A 24-year-old comes to you with intense neck and shoulder pain that is diagnosed as spondylitis. How do you go about with the treatment?
    • An elderly patient was advised certain exercises for helping with his/her knee pain. They come back to you with increased pain and lie that they followed the advice religiously. How do you find out the truth and what would be your next steps?
    • How do you deal with a patient’s family members who are impatient and do not want you to continue the treatment?
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