Pharmacy Technician Interview Questions 

Table of Contents

    Pharmacy technicians are medical specialists who assist and support patients while ensuring that they receive the best possible treatment. 

    Community (retail) pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, pharmaceutical production or sales in the pharmaceutical sector, prisons, primary care, education, military, or veterinary offices are all places where pharmacy technicians can work. 

    Here we’ll look at different types of Pharmacy Technician interview questions: 

    • What aspects of pharmacology pique your interest? 
    • What qualities and skills do you have that will help you succeed in this position? 
    • What do you think the most difficult components of being a pharmacy technician are? 
    • Have you ever made a recommendation to a pharmacist? What was it, and how did you use your abilities to help? 
    • What methods do you use to keep up with new medications and pharmacy practices? 
    • What precautions do you take to guarantee that a customer’s prescription doesn’t interact poorly with any other medications they may be taking? 
    • How can you tell if a prescription is genuine? 
    • When it comes to keeping pharmaceuticals, what elements do you think about?  
    • How do you verify that medicines are filled correctly? 
    • How can good customer service skills apply to a pharmacy technician’s job? 
    • Have you ever had to deal with a disgruntled client? What exactly did you do? 
    • How would you tell a consumer that their medication would take longer than expected to fill? 
    • What should you do if you can’t decipher a prescription? 
    • How would you know if the person filling your medicines is trying to overcome a drug addiction? 


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