Paediatrician Interview Questions 

Table of Contents

    When interviewing a Paediatrician, you want to screen the candidate for his/her rapport with children apart from their knowledge and expertise of the field. There is a different way of dealing with children than it is with adults. Doctors treating kids need to be empathetic, patient, have psychological knowledge of handling children.

    You may want to narrow down your search as some paediatricians are solely for children with special needs while others follow an age-group. While experienced people might be beneficial, look for someone who has a knack for children with enough medical knowledge.


    • How differently would you prescribe an antibiotic for a child when compared to an adult?
    • What experience do you have with examining infants?
    • What do you know about ‘Id, Ego and Super Ego’?
    • What would you do when a child is whining about an ailment that he/she isn’t affected with?
    • Imagine two children enter your clinic and one is crying while another’s parents are screaming to attend to their child first. What would you do?
    • How would you handle a child who doesn’t want to be treated?
    • Tell us about an incident when a parent disagreed with your treatment plan?
    • Which ways do you follow to deal with children of different age groups?
    • Tell us about the conditions that can be passed from a mother to a child through the placenta? How does that affect a child?
    • What is Patau syndrome and Trisomy 18? Which chromosomes do they affect?
    • Do you feel content with your profession?
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