When great people work together,
awesome happens

We are a bunch of fun loving and good humans each with their own passions and goals, but united by a journey and a mission

We own the organization

Our people make all the difference

We were a growing IT services company that needed a HR Payroll platform. We evaluated every software in the market and were frustrated with what the market had to offer. We felt the companies and employees in India deserved better quality software that is also affordable. Thus started Keka.

What we learnt

Growth is impossible without automating people processes

HR processes traditionally were given least priority and companies.Employees experience is most operationally intensive in any business and yet it is given least prominence

Our leaders eat last

Our leaders truly care about those they are privileged to lead and understand that the true cost of the leadership privilege comes at the expense of self-interest. We put our people first.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” - John Quincy Adams

Dheeraj Pandey
Dheeraj Pandey

Director Sales

Chethan Kumar

Customer Success Manager

Trinath Mallavarapu

Head - Technology

Barun Mallick

Product Marketing Lead

Anshul Srivastava


Ravi Teja

Talent Acquisition Lead

Shiva rama krishna

Inside sales Manager

Ovl Kiran

Customer Strategy Head

Nishant Pandey
Nishant Pandey

Regional Sales Head

Praveen Kumar
Praveen Kumar

Regional Sales Head

Alok Choubey
Alok Chaubey

Regional Sales Head

Hari Haran
Hari Haran

Regional Sales Head

Debdeep Nandy

Regional Sales Head

Vijay Yalamanchili


180 more people who dont mind not being here

Our alumni

A few of our ex-colleagues who contributed to our journey. We continue to enjoy and respect what they have done to us

Nivedha Manogaran

Ramya Yerram

Ayesha Sultana

Bharat Gupta

Venkata Ramana

Murali Gopu

Abhishek Kannekanti

Keerthi Kalavatala

Sriram Pasupathi

Anil Raj Pujari

Chandermani Arora

Nagendar Aakula (R.I.P)

Anoop Kesiraju

Our investors


Everyone asks - ‘Are you funded?’ We are bootstrapped and now profitable. A little old-fashioned, but then this is the new sexy we believe. We turned down funding and buyout offers, so we can laser focus and validate our core vision of HR without distractions. And it worked for us. Within four years of launch, Keka disrupted the Indian HR market beating all the well funded competitors and stands tall as a benchmark for the rest.

That said, we’d love to talk to growth stage investors who believe in longer term value-creation and are ready to bet on a team with an undying passion and love for solving the real pain points.