Online Interview Questions

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    Online job interviews are increasingly being used as an initial screening method for candidates. If you are well trained and taking the necessary steps to ensure a successful Skype or online work interview, it will be less daunting than an in-person interview to yield the desired results. Here are some essential online interview questions:

    • What compelled you to follow this profession?
    • What attracted you to the job posting? What motivated you to apply?
    • Were you aware of our business prior to applying? What details piqued your interest?
    • What do you want to know more about our company?
    • Would you like to work as a team or as an individual? why? Give me an example or two from your past experience with either of the case.
    • How can you assist our team in achieving its objectives, and what do you expect to learn from this role?
    • Describe a difficult job assignment you did. What were the challenges, how did you fix them, and how did this experience help you grow?
    • Describe how you use/used X tools in your current/previous employment.
    • What, according to your perception, constitutes a safe working environment?
    • What is your salary expectation?
    • When is the earliest you’d be able to join?
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