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Office Travel Desk Job Description Template

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    The Office Travel Desk Coordinator is responsible for managing all travel-related activities for employees, ensuring efficient travel arrangements, adherence to company travel policies, and cost-effective travel solutions. The coordinator will act as a liaison between travel service providers and employees, providing comprehensive support to meet all travel needs.


    This is a role for someone who has a passion for being an organizer and a cheerleader to everyone traveling from the company or coming to our country. This role is dynamic in nature and requires a fast-paced attitude to stay on top of duties. You will be organizing travel for the CEO, COO, E-Suite, and others as required. As a travel desk executive, you will be required to maintain strict confidentiality about travel plans within and outside the organization. Additionally, company rules about travel need to be followed. You will regularly be in touch with finance and HR to manage all documentation and formalities pre and post-travel.


    • Manage end to end travel plans pan India efficiently and cost-effectively – airlines, trains, transport, and hotels
    • Negotiate on best rates through vendors every time there is a travel occurrence
    • Communicate with the person travelling regularly to keep them updated on logistics
    • Manage emergency changes/cancellations in a professional and calm manner
    • Handle visa applications and formalities promptly
    • Handle all incoming travel requests and the processes that follow after
    • Update HR on travel/leaves to be properly recorded


    • Knowledge of bulk booking software and technologies like IATA, Amadeus, Galileo preferred
    • Awareness about international travel regulations, customs, and currencies
    • A degree in Hospitality, Travel, Tourism, Business or relevant field
    • Good command of English, written and spoken.


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