Occupational Therapist Interview Questions 

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    An occupational therapist is a healthcare professional who employs therapeutic strategies to help patients improve, recover, or maintain their capacity to do daily tasks. 

    An occupational therapist will examine the patient’s vital tasks and teach them how to regain their independence after surgery so that they can continue the responsibilities that define who they are. 

    Occupational Therapist interview questions: 

    • Which management style is best suited to your personality and work style? 
    • What did you learn from your prior job? 
    • What strategy have you found to be most useful in determining realistic rehabilitation goals for patients? 
    • How have you aided someone in becoming a coach or mentor? What kind of progress did you notice? 
    • What new technology or information would you bring to your job? How do you keep up with new technology in the field of occupational therapy? 
    • Do you like working in a fast-paced environment? 
    • Do you have a good sense of how to deal with change? 
    • Tell me about your most recent seminar. 
    • Do you have a preference for one type of patient over another? 
    • Would you feel at ease handling aides and assistants? 
    • Describe a particularly difficult task you assisted a patient with. 
    • Are you confident in speaking with a patient’s family about realistic goals and progress? 
    • Describe a situation in which you stated what you thought were reasonable aims, but the patient had other expectations. How did you reconcile the disparities between your and the patient’s objectives? 
    • What qualifications do you need to work as an occupational therapist? 
    • What relevant professional experience do you have in the field of occupational therapy? 
    • What do you think an occupational therapy team should look like? 
    • What do you believe the three most critical abilities for occupational therapy success are? 
    • What could you bring to our team that other candidates couldn’t? 
    • What do you think the role of the therapist would be in this situation? 
    • What are the components of a successful occupational therapy programme? 
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