Nutritionist Interview Questions 

Table of Contents

    Nutritionists or dieticians need to be evaluated on situational questions and the knowledge they own regarding the diet requirements for different genders and age groups. The ideal candidate will be aware of the nutritional needs of every person based on their daily activities and current diet.

    For further help, here are some questions that will guide you in selecting the right candidate.

    • How would you suggest your clients maintain a diet diary?
    • What factors do you keep in mind before recommending a diet plan?
    • Which diet plan would you advice a 28-year-old man who smokes occasionally?
    • What do you know about pre-natal nutrition? Tell us about your experience.
    • Did you face any incident where your diet plan went wrong for a client? What did you do to rectify it?
    • What should a person’s diet plan be who wants to lose weight?
    • How would you chart the diet plan of a client who wants to gain weight?
    • What should a healthy young woman’s diet consist of?
    • How does the diet of a Diabetes Type-1 patient differ from that of a Diabetes Type-2 patient?
    • Which food items should a patient with hypertension steer clear of?
    • What is BMI? Why is it important?
    • What should be the diet plan of a young HIV positive patient?
    • What will you advise as a diet for elderly people?
    • On which factors would you term someone to be malnutrition?
    • Do you think vitamin supplements should be consumed by teenagers and people up to the year of 30?
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