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New Manager Onboarding Checklist

Onboarding is the process of introducing a new employee into a business or organization. This process entails completing the required paperwork and steps in training the employee to start working, as well as ensuring that they blend well into the organization on the first day and beyond.  

The checklist below will assist you with effectively onboarding new managers, whether they are new hires or existing employees. To create a comprehensive onboarding process, combine this checklist with our new hire paperwork checklist and new hire training checklist. 


  • Introduce them to your company’s management culture and values through: 
    • The presentation that represents management styles and techniques 
    • Company and product resources they need to be aware of 
    • A message from your higher management 
  • Set clear monthly, weekly, and quarterly goals 
  • Brief them about the team members. Make sure to provide important information such as recent: 
    • New joiners 
    • Promotions 
    • Challenges 
    • Performance 
  • Schedule first calls with: 
    • Team 
    • Direct Reporting manager 
    • Other managers 
  • Educate them on company policies and how to monitor if the employees are following 
  • Provide a quick recap of the Rewards & Recognition program 
  • Schedule frequent meetings with HR 
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