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    The new employee welcome email is one of the most crucial initial steps in the onboarding process. And an onboarding checklist will ensure that you have all of the necessary information for the new hire. The process of welcoming a new employee to your organization must ideally begin once they have accepted the job offer and on their first day at the job. 

    What is a new employee welcome email? 

    A new employee welcome email is an email sent to welcome a new employee prior to their first day of the job. They include what the employee should expect on their first day of the job. They introduce the new employee to the department, company’s culture, their role, and responsibilities. 

    What to include in a new employee welcome email? 

    A new employee welcome email should make the new hire feel welcomed, comfortable, and valued. They include: 

    • The date and time of the employee’s joining day. 
    • The office address, documents to bring, and other instructions for the first day. 
    • Short introduction of the team and company’s culture. 
    • Information about the new employee. 
    • A brief description of the role and responsibilities.
    • Contact information of the new employee. 

    Here is a template to help you write the perfect “welcome to the team” email.  

    Subject: Let us welcome [New Employee Name] to the team!📩 

    Hello Team,  

    Please join me in welcoming [new employee name] on his or her addition to the [team, department, or firm]. 

    On [start date], [employee name] will join us as a [role title] on the [team or department], reporting to [line manager]. [Employee name] will be in charge of [a brief explanation of their responsibilities].  

    [Employee name] has more than [XX] years of experience and has served [details about recent relevant work experience]. [He/She] is skilled in [details about professional experience] and recent achievements have included [a professional experience example or two that demonstrates expertise.] 

    [Employee name] graduated from [institution name] with a master’s/bachelor’s degree in [discipline]. 

    We’re looking forward to seeing [employee name] put their experience and education to work in order to help us build our business and make an impact in attaining [such as meeting a revenue goal]. 

    [Employee name] can be reached at [phone number, email address, etc.]. 

    As per your convenience, please feel free to introduce yourself to [Employee Name], and join me in greeting our newest team member!  



    Onboarding email templates: 

    Subject: [Employee Name], Welcome to [Company Name]! 

    Dear [Employee Name], 

    You’ve successfully completed the paperwork, [Employee Name]! We are excited to have you as a part of [Company Name] and look forward to meeting you. You can join the office from [Date] at [Time]. We work from Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Our team will show you around your workstation and help you settle in on your first day. You can view the employee handbook attached to this email. 

    You can park anywhere in the parking lot. Please check in with the receptionist and she will lead you to the lobby. [Name] will greet you in the lobby. After the office tour, our team will help you with setting up your computer and online accounts. After lunch, you will have a team introduction and begin training with your mentor, [Name]. 

    In case of any questions before your joining day, you can email or call [email/number] 



    Meet your team email templates: 

    Subject: Welcome to the [Department Name], [Employee Name] 

    Greetings, everyone! 

    We are thrilled to announce that [Employee Name] will be joining us from [Date]. They will work with the [Team Name] as [Job title]. 

    [Employee Name] has experience in [Background] for [Years] and graduated from [Academic background]. Here are the links to their profiles [Insert links]. [Employee Name], [Name] will be your assigned buddy.  

    Please do introduce [Employee Name] to the other team members and make them feel comfortable. They love [Add interests] as well!  



    Company culture email templates: 

    Subject: Welcome to [Company Name], the culture of [Insert culture]! 

    Dear [Employee Name] 

    We are excited to have you onboard and can’t wait to meet you in person! But before that, I would like to introduce you to our culture.  

    [Company Name] has been specializing in the field of [Enter field name] for [Years]. We are built upon [Insert values and purpose]. [Company Name] has designed various initiatives to create a positive company culture for everyone. It has also introduced several opportunities for employees to improve their skills. For example, [List examples].  

    We’re glad to have you as a part of our team and can’t wait to grow together. 

    If you have any questions, feel free to write back. 

    Best wishes, 


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