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New Employee Announcement Email Template

It’s crucial to get the new employee announcement email right as it’s part of the onboarding process. This email provides a warm greeting from department heads/managers, which helps to put your new employee at ease. It’s essential that all employees, not just those on the new hire’s team, get the opportunity to get to know their new coworker.

Here is a short and sweet new employee announcement email to the company, when a new employee takes up the job:

Subject: New Addition to the team! šŸ¤©

Greetings to all!

I hope you are all doing well! I’ve got some exciting news for you all.

I am delighted to announce that on [start date], [Employee Name] will be joining our team as a [job title].

[Employee Name] will collaborate with [Department/Team] to [describe tasks, title, and other details]. He or she has worked at/in [work/industry experience overview or recent graduation, etc.]. We’re ecstatic that [Employee Name] has joined our team.

Please take a moment to say hello to your new co-worker!




And to keep the pace high, letā€™s start planning the first day forĀ theĀ new-bee!

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