Medical Assistant Interview Questions 

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    Medical assistants are healthcare professionals who work in clinics and offices to assist doctors. They can take your vital signs, check your height and weight, and show you to the exam room. Medical assistants may inquire about your symptoms and health conditions before referring you to your doctor.

    Here are few questions that should be asked while interviewing a medical assistant:

    • Tell me about your previous work experience as a medical assistant.
    • Do you have any familiarity with electronic health records software from any of your previous training?
    • How do you guarantee that, as a medical assistant, you are adhering to HIPAA laws that protect patients’ privacy?
    • Do you have prior experience managing front-office responsibilities? Are you confident in your ability to answer the phone and greet customers?
    • What phlebotomy experience have you had? Are you willing to draw blood if necessary?
    • Have you ever taken patient histories or reviewed patient vitals at a previous job or internship?
    • To you, what does good bedside manner entail?
    • How can you fix a mistake on a patient’s medical record?
    • What tactics do you use to deal with patient complaints?
    • What would you do if a patient passed out while being drawn blood?
    • Describe your top priorities as a medical assistant while providing support.
    • How can you stay on top of the fast-paced demands of working as a medical assistant without making errors?
    • Tell me about your long-term plans for continuing education and credential updates.
    • Do you have experience conducting EKG tests?
    • How can you convey medical knowledge to a patient who speaks a language that you don’t understand?
    • Medical assistants are just one part of a very large medical and administrative personnel. How can you promote collaboration and a sense of belonging in the workplace?
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