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Marketing Head Job Description Template

As a marketing head, you will be overseeing the marketing department. The marketing head should provide the marketing department with all the guidance and support required. Evaluation and developing the overall marketing strategy for the organizations is also going to be one of the responsibilities of a marketing head. As a marketing head, you will also be expected to plan, direct, and coordinate the marketing efforts. The responsibility of the marketing head will also be to communicate the marketing plan. The Marketing head should be able to research to know the demand for the organization’s services and products. They should also be well-versed with the competitors of the organization. 

What does a head of marketing do?

A marketing head of an organization is someone who leads the complete marketing department and sub-departments like demand generation, Paid marketing, Email, brand, social media marketing, and advertising. He/ She is in the senior-level management. They develop the strategies, manage the budgets, set the goals, and ensure consistent brand development of the company for different marketing channels. They will be responsible for everything that will happen in the marketing department.

About the role  



Employment Type: [Full-time/Part-time/Temporary]  


Reports To: [Supervisor/Manager’s Name] 

The Head of marketing position of the organization will require you to lead and direct the marketing department. This will include all the departments coming under marketing, like digital marketing, communications, advertising, and the creative teams. 

The marketing head will plan, set short and long-term goals, and will allocate all the needed resources. The applicant will also be expected to participate in all the company planning and help with the coordination of marketing and sales initiatives. The role is all about driving awareness, increasing profits, and achieving all the marketing objectives.

Job Brief

We are looking for a dynamic and market-aware Marketing Head who can lead all our channels and messaging. Our Marketing Head is expected to expand our reach, customers, and advocates. She/he will work closely with the Brand Head and cross-functional team to achieve financial growth and profitability of the brand. The candidate needs to bring with them a healthy and respectful attitude towards others. We like generous, good-spirited, fun people; and our culture works best for such individuals.


  • Create all the strategies for the marketing teams, like the digital, communications, advertising, and creative. 
  • The head of marketing responsibilities will also be to prepare all the monthly, quarterly, and yearly budget plans for the marketing department.
  • Monitors and evaluates ROI to make sure marketing initiatives are having a beneficial financial effect.
  • Works to improve long-term customer value (CLTV) and puts measures into place to do so, which raises overall profitability for the company.
  • Keeps track of and enhances website visitor conversion rates to accomplish targeted goals and assesses the success of marketing initiatives.
  • Oversees the implementation of plans to improve user experience, engagement, and website traffic. Utilises data to focus on online marketing activities.
  • Focuses on lead generation initiatives and makes certain that leads are produced in a way that is consistent with the objectives of the company, both in terms of number and quality.
  • Carries out brand awareness initiatives and tracks brand recognition using social media, surveys, and other tools to evaluate the effectiveness of raising brand awareness.
  • Maintains a social media presence, keeping tabs on important indicators, including reach, engagement rates, and followers. 
  • Setting the team goals, monitoring, and reporting on the same. 
  • The marketing lead will also design, position, and do the branding.
  • Always look for new opportunities to reach new markets and expand the market.
  • Monitor all kinds of Competition like price changes, acquisitions, and new products and their features.
  • Coordination of all marketing and sales initiatives to increase the organisation’s brand awareness.


  • A leader who can command and lead the entire department
  • Demonstrated success within B2B/B2C marketing
  • Master’s degree in Marketing/Communications from a top-tier business school
  • Strong understanding of Excel and analytics along with data mining
  • Outstanding communication skills to provide direction and feedback for creative and analytical components of the Marketing department.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is a head of marketing?

The head of marketing is typically responsible for leading and directing an organization’s marketing-related activities.  This includes all the budget, strategy, and goal settings.


2. What are the duties and responsibilities of a Head of Marketing?

The responsibilities and duties of a marketing head are to make marketing strategies, set the team goals, manage the budgets, analyze the consumer pattern, and coordinate all the marketing and sales works.


3. What makes a good Head of Marketing?

A good head of marketing should have leadership skills, an analytical mindset, goal-making abilities, and strategic skills. The marketing head should also possess a complete understanding of the marketing principles, consumer behavior, and industry trends.


4. Who does a Head of Marketing work with?

A head of marketing works with the marketing department and different teams within. These teams can be the advertising, creative, communications, and digital teams. The lead is also required to work with the upper management and stakeholders.


5. What skills should a Head of Marketing have?

The marketing head should have an analytical bend of mind. The person should possess leadership qualities and problem-solving.


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