Maintenance Supervisor Interview Questions

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    A maintenance Supervisor ensures that all facilities in a constructed environment are constantly upgraded, repaired, and maintained. He is also in charge of supervising and overseeing the maintenance crew, which includes workers from various fields (mainly mechanical, electrical and plumbing).

    Maintenance Supervisor Interview Questions:

    • What makes you want to serve as a maintenance supervisor?
    • Have you ever worked in a management position?
    • What drew you to a career in maintenance in the first place?
    • Describe your current or most recent maintenance position’s responsibilities.
    • Tell me about your HVAC system experience.
    • Which types of maintenance or repairs are you most familiar with?
    • Do you hold any certifications?
    • In your current job, do you have any leadership responsibilities?
    • Describe the installation or repair that was the most difficult for you to complete.
    • How does a supervisor set a good example for his or her staff?
    • Describe how you assign work to your team in a fair and equitable manner.
    • Have you ever coached a technician? Describe the steps in your procedure.
    • How do you know whether to fix or replace a machine?
    • What would you do if one of your workers was involved in a workplace accident?
    • Assume you’re in charge of developing a training program for new hires. What would you include in your strategy?
    • Tell me what you’d do if you wanted to make a critical repair but the expense was likely to surpass your estimate.
    • Describe your ways of storing and recording inventory and equipment.
    • How do you go about performing safety inspections?
    • What would you do if a technician consistently disobeyed your orders?
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