Line Cook Interview Questions 

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    A line cook’s major responsibility is to prepare meals and ingredients, which is one of the more fundamental positions in the kitchen. Many restaurants hire line cooks to prepare much of the food that comes out of the kitchen.  

    They are usually allocated to a specific section on the line, such as the grill, stove, or vegetable prep area, and they operate under the supervision of a head chef or sous chef. 

    Here at the topmost commonly asked line cook interview questions: 

    • Could you explain how you maintain your prep station organized? 
    • When a customer requests that their meal be upgraded and you are behind schedule, how would you prioritize your work? 
    • Describe an instance when you had to make a tough decision on the job as a Line Cook. What information did you take into account? How long did it take you to make up your mind? 
    • What do you do if someone complains about a dinner you’ve prepared? 
    • Tell me about a period when you had to put things in order at a steady pace. What exactly did you do? What happened when you became exhausted? 
    • Consider the last time your boss gave you feedback on your job. What was your reaction? 
    • Are you good at managing your time? 
    • What qualities do you look for in a kitchen partner? 
    • When it comes to kitchen work, what do you regard to be your biggest flaw? 
    • Which is more important in this profession, speed or quality, in your opinion? 
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