Learning and Development Manager Job Description Template

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    We are looking to hire Learning and Development (L & D) Managers to help employees advance their skills and knowledge. For this role, you need to be passionate about helping people to hone their skills and increase their knowledge.

    The Learning and Development Manager will be in charge of developing and evaluating training methods and initiatives and measuring their effectiveness, also bringing forth recommendations for further training. In addition, he/she will need to track training attendance, prepare reports and constantly review and update the existing training modules.

    Learning and development Job Description

    About The Role

    One of the primary responsibilities of this company is to manage the development of our people which will, in turn, support our business priorities. In this regard, we are looking to hire experienced Learning and Development Managers to help us in our journey to creating a successful brand name by empowering our employees to bring forth their potential. The L & D Manager will be responsible for developing a learning strategy that will support professional development and build capabilities across the company within the given budget.


    Job Brief

    The L & D manager will need to design learning journeys that are a mix of classroom training, fieldwork, digital learning, on the job coaching and mentoring. The L & D team would need to work closely with the leaders of the respective units of our organisation in order to assess the needs of each team. The L & D Manager should be open to changes that appear in the course of designing new methods/concepts for training and possess excellent communication and networking skills.


    • Plan and execute training programs that are aligned with the objectives of the organisation
    • Evaluate organisation and individual development needs
    • Work within the allocated budget to design pertinent training programs for all employees
    • Implement various learning methods such as e-learning, workshops, etc
    • Assess the success of the training programs
    • Support enhancement of the learning system and processes
    • Stay on top of new ideas and trends in the industry so as to deliver better services


    • __________ years experience as an L & D Manager
    • Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources/Psychology/Education
    • Confident in written and spoken communication and the ability to present to large audiences
    • Organisational skills
    • Management, development and talent training
    • Proven ability to pinpoint, analyze and assess training needs within the organisation and the ability to translate those needs into actionable training initiatives
    • Should have a strong sense of personal accountability
    • Should be able to work effectively, independently as well as in a group
    • Must possess a passion for continuous learning



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