Lead Software Engineer Job Description Template

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    _______________________(Name of the Company) is looking for Lead Engineers. Apart from the development of information systems, the lead engineer will also be responsible for team management, monitoring, reporting and proper and timely project execution. The Lead Engineer will lead a team of developers who will be responsible for building new websites as well as supporting existing websites.

    As a Lead Engineer, you should be able to prioritize well, communicate clearly, work across multiple facets of the project and juggle multiple responsibilities at the same time.  If you have a strong analytic capability coupled with a passion for creating innovative solutions and looking to grow your career in a fast-paced environment, this could be your opportunity to come on board with us.

    Work Profile

    As a Lead Engineer, you will need to produce and implement functional software solutions. You will work with senior management to define software requirements and take the lead on operational and technical projects. In this role, you should be able to work with minimal supervision.  Your goal will be to develop high-quality software that is aligned with customer needs and business goals.

    Responsibilities will include providing and developing expertise in a variety of client industry concepts, practices and procedures, identifying and establishing strategic long-term goals, policies and procedures for clients based on business objectives and budget requirements, as well as designing and overseeing the implementation of technology solutions. In this role, you will need to ensure that software deliverables comply with quality standards and are completed on time.


    • Ensure maintenance of the organization’s operating systems and other technical equipment in use.
    • Review the performance of the operating system used in the Company and upgrade it as and when required. Plan the implementation of a new OS when needed
    • Document and demonstrate solutions by developing documentation, flowcharts, layouts, diagrams, charts, code comments and clear code
    • Remain current on new technologies and available vendor packages, evaluate and make recommendations as necessary
    • Assist in task planning, estimation, scheduling and staffing
    • Mentor junior and mid-level engineers
    • Grow engineering teams by interviewing, recruiting and hiring
    • Stay on the leading edge of development practices
    • Work in close partnership with cross-functional teams and management

    Skills and Qualifications

    • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related field
    • ___  years experience as a software engineer
    • ___  years experience in professional web development
    • Fluent with functional, imperative and object-oriented languages such as  ___________(input language based on Company requirement)
    • Experienced working in an agile environment
    • Experience with mission-critical 24*7 systems
    • Experience in communicating with users, other technical teams and management to collect requirements, identify tasks, provides estimates and meets production deadlines
    • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
    • Excellent organization and time management skills
    • Demonstrated ability to lead a team
    • Ability to exercise discretion and independent judgment in the performance of duties


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