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Job Offer Email Template 

A formal job offer email template is a written, formal confirmation of the terms and conditions of employment that were normally agreed upon with the candidate during the interview process.

Your hiring team has finally identified the right individual for the role after weeks of screening and interviewing candidates. You’re all fired up and ready to send out the offer email as soon as possible. It’s always a pleasure to deliver excellent news!

You’ve put in the effort, so let us help you with the next step by providing an adaptable email template to send the job offer email.

Subject: Offer of Employment : [Job Role] at [Company Name]

Dear [Candidate Name],

We are pleased to offer you the position of [Job Title] at [Business Name] with great pleasure. Enclosed is the offer letter for your kind perusal. Enclosed is the offer letter for your kind perusal. We would require your email confirmation on the acceptance of the offer and the date of joining at the earliest possible.

Also, attached [ex: Reference Request Form, Employee Information Details Form and Personal Information Form]. We would be grateful if you could duly fill these forms and furnish the same before your date of joining.

Soft copies of the below listed documents to be attached along with the offer acceptance email.

  • [List of Documents needed such as PAN, Adhaar, Pay Slips, etc]

You are requested to report on your date of joining at [Time] at the undersigned address. In case you fail to report on this date unless otherwise agreed in written, the offer shall stand automatically withdrawn.

In case you have any questions about the offer, please do not hesitate to contact us over telephone/email.

Looking forward to hear from you!




[Reporting Office Address]

Great! The letters are done, let’s plan candidate onboarding now🎉

His first day should be bang on!

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