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    A job offer email is a formal communication sent by an employer to a candidate who has successfully gone through the hiring process and has been selected for a specific position within the company. This email outlines the details of the job being offered, including the job title, responsibilities, salary, benefits, work schedule, and any other relevant terms and conditions. It serves as a written confirmation of the employer’s intention to hire the candidate and provides them with essential information to make an informed decision about accepting the job offer. The job offer email also typically includes instructions for the candidate to formally accept or decline the offer, initiating the next steps in the employment process.

    What is a formal job offer letter sample or formal job offer email template

    A formal job offer letter is a document issued to the candidate selected for a specific role and company. It outlines the employment terms and conditions and serves as a contract between the prospective employee and the employer. The selected candidate will decide whether to accept the offer letter or not.  

    A formal job offer template is the layout a company can use to issue offer letters to its candidates. Companies can customize the template as per their specific needs and details related to the candidate’s name, role, salary, and other relevant details. The most common method to send a job offer letter is through email. This email should clearly explain the necessary details while maintaining a formal tone. 


    Importance of a formal job offer email 

    Some companies prefer a more traditional method of delivering a job offer letter, but there are several benefits of issuing them via email. Apart from convenience and easy communication, other benefits are as follows: 

    1. Clear and professional communication 

    Sending a formal job offer via email ensures that there are no delays as emails are prompt and provide easy access to the email. This reduces miscommunication. Following a consistent email format allows organizations to be consistent in their communication and maintain professionalism. 

    2. Legal and binding documentation 

    As mentioned above, a job offer email gives an overview of the terms and conditions of employment. The selected candidate can go through the formal email and decide to accept or decline the offer. Once the candidate accepts, the digital document becomes a contract that legally binds the employee and the company. 

    3. Avoid misunderstandings and disputes 

    The email serves as a written record of the employment terms and conditions. Since they state crucial details like role, benefits, salary, date of joining, etc., there are reduced misunderstandings and disputes between the selected candidate and the employer. 

    4. Professionalism and branding 

    A job offer letter email represents the company’s values, culture, and overall brand. Crafting a good email shows that the company is committed to maintaining clear communication. Presenting such an email professionally improves the candidate’s perception of the company. 

    5. Positive candidate experience 

    Clear communication and easy access to the job offer ensures the company is maintaining a positive candidate experience. Selected candidates can view the email at their convenience and understand the outlined terms and conditions easily. Emails also allow candidates to ask questions and seek clarification. 


    10 Job Offer email sample

    Following are 10 templates to craft a clear and engaging job offer letter: 

    Job offer letter email template I

    Exciting news, [Candidate Name]! Job Offer Inside. 


    Dear [Candidate Name], 

    Congratulations, [Candidate Name]! It is with immense pleasure that we extend an offer to you to join [Company Name] as the new [Job title]. Your start date is set for [start date]. 

    Following our recent discussions, we are thrilled to present your formal job offer letter. You can find the offer letter attached to this email. We request you take your time and go through the document. Please provide your acceptance before [Date]. In case of any concerns, feel free to contact us at [Email address] or [Phone number]. 

    To give you an overview of [Company Name], we are on a mission to [Explain the mission] and create a collaborative work environment. We value diversity, teamwork, transparency, and work-life balance. We are excited to have you as part of our company and can’t wait to hear from you soon. 

    Once again, thank you for choosing to be a part of [Company Name]. We look forward to achieving great things together! 


    Best regards, 


    [Email address] 

    [Phone number] 


    Job offer letter email template II

    [Company Name] congratulates you on Job Offer for [Job title] 


    After careful consideration of your skills and qualifications, we are delighted to offer you the role of [Job title] at [Company Name]. Your strong leadership skills and enthusiasm convinced us that you are the perfect fit for the role, and we are eager to have you onboard on [Start date].  

    Please confirm your acceptance by sending an email to [Email address] by [Date]. Once you accept the offer, our onboarding team will guide you through the process. You will participate in orientation and training sessions to help you start working smoothly. 

    As discussed in the interview, we offer you a competitive salary of [Salary] payable monthly. We also offer a comprehensive benefits package, performance bonuses, and health coverage. Employees working at [Company Name] also enjoy remote work arrangements and professional development opportunities. Your start date will be on [Date], at [Job location]. Your work timings will be Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  

    We hope you choose to become a part of our team. We trust that you will find this offer rewarding and await your response.  





    Job offer letter email template III

    Congratulations, [Candidate Name]! 


    Thank you for interviewing with us. Your hard work and commitment have not gone unnoticed, and we at [Company Name] are excited to extend a formal offer letter for the [Role]. Welcome to the family, [Candidate Name]! 

    The attached offer letter will give you the specifics of your employment. Once you have decided to accept the offer, kindly sign it and send it to [Email address] by [Date]. To provide you with a brief, we are pleased to offer you annual compensation of [Salary] along with [Mention the benefits]. To help you understand more about [Company Name], we emphasize employee and customer satisfaction, work-life balance, and collaboration. We wish to empower employees at [Company Name] to make a significant impact. 

    We believe you will make a valuable contribution and be a great support to the team. We hope that, together, we will achieve wonderful things. Should you have any doubts, feel free to contact the email address and phone number provided above. 


    Best regards, 



    Job offer letter email template IV

    Welcome to the team, [Job title] 


    On behalf of [Company Name], I am extremely excited to share with you the offer letter for the role of [Job title]. Your passion and skills are the perfect fit for the company. You will be a part of the team starting from [Start date].  

    As for your offer letter, it is attached to this email. You can access it and review it carefully. Once you have made your decision, send me an email at [Email address] or you can call me on [Phone number]. Also, you can go through your benefits package and other relevant documents which are attached. We also kindly request you to familiarize yourself with your role’s responsibilities in the attached job description. 

    Thank you for choosing to work with us and I’m sure you will not regret this opportunity.  




    [Contact information]


    Job offer letter email template V

    Your journey with [Company Name] begins today! 


    We are thrilled to formally offer you the position at [Company Name] as [Job title]! We appreciate your dedication and enthusiasm during the hiring process, and we believe that you will make a positive impact on the company. 

    You can understand your employment terms and conditions in detail in the attached document. In brief, you will be compensated [Salary] monthly, including [list the benefits]. We at [Company Name] are committed to ensuring employee well-being. As an employee here, you are offered a comprehensive benefits package that includes insurance, retirement plans, and many more. To understand more about this and understand the company’s expectations, kindly go through the attached employee handbook. 

    In case you have any questions, contact us at [Email address]. Once again, we extend our warmest congratulations.  



    [Company Name] 


    Job offer letter email template VI

    Your offer letter from [Company Name]. 


    Congratulations on your successful interview with [Company Name]! It is with great excitement that we present you with the offer letter for the [Position]. Your comprehensive understanding and ability to collaborate makes you an ideal candidate for the team. We believe that you will play a vital role in our company’s future. 

    Considering your skills, qualifications, and experience, we are pleased to offer you a starting salary of [Salary] annually. You will be working from Monday to Saturday, 10 AM to 6 PM. You may choose to work remotely. Please take a moment to go through the revised job description attached to this email. 

    Upon acceptance, your start date will be [Start date] at [Job location]. Kindly contact via email at [Email address] to send your response. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 

    We acknowledge the potential and success you will bring to [Company Name] and can’t wait for you to join us. 


    Best regards, 

    [Company Name] 


    Job offer letter email template VII

    Welcome to [Company Name], [Candidate Name]! 


    It’s a delight to offer you the role of [Job title] at [Company Name]. We heartily congratulate you, [Candidate Name]. We eagerly await your presence on [Start date]. 

    Your offer letter, along with other important documents, is attached. Please review them carefully and reach out at [Email address] or [Phone number] in case of confusion or queries. If you choose to work with us, sign the relevant documents and send them to the email address provided above.  

    Please take your time and consider this offer. We genuinely believe that your contributions and skills will add great value to the company. 



    [Company Name] 


    Job offer letter email template VIII 

    You’re in, [Candidate Name]! 

    Congratulations, [Candidate Name]! You’re in, and we are very glad to have your skills and passion add value to our company. Your achievements and insights convinced us that you will be a great fit for the role. We have attached a formal job offer letter for [Position] at [Company Name]. Kindly send your response to [Email address]. We look forward to welcoming you in-person on [Start date] 

    We at [Company Name] pride ourselves on encouraging a collaborative and inclusive culture where we ensure that every effort does not go unnoticed. Every team member’s contribution is acknowledged and valued. We are glad that you will thrive in our environment that promotes continuous learning, teamwork, and honesty. By accepting this offer, you will be working with some of the industry’s brightest minds.  

    Your passion aligns perfectly with our vision, and we cannot wait to have you onboard with us, [Candidate Name].  


    [Company Name] 

    [Email address] 

    [Phone number] 


    Job offer letter email template IX 

    The wait is over, [Candidate Name]! Job offer has arrived. 


    After thoroughly evaluating your outstanding performance in the interview, we are confident that you are the perfect candidate for [Job title] at [Company Name]. We are glad to have a passionate person play a pivotal role in moving the company’s journey forward. 

    The attached offer letter specifies the employment terms, conditions, and benefits. Upon acceptance, sign the document and send it to [Email address] by [Date]. We request you to review the offer letter thoroughly and reach out to the same email address in case of questions.  

    If you choose to accept this offer, our onboarding team will reach out to you to complete the paperwork.  

    Once again, we welcome you to [Company Name]. 


    Looking forward, 

    [Company Name] 


    Job offer letter email template X

    Join us, [Candidate Name]! 


    I hope this email finds you as excited as we are, [Candidate Name]! The enthusiasm and skills you displayed in the hiring process have left no doubt in our minds that you are an excellent match for the role of [Job title] at [Company Name]. The details of your offer are as follows: 

    • Position: [Job title] 
    • Department/team: [Name] 
    • Salary: [Offered compensation] 
    • Benefits: [Give an overview of the benefits] 
    • Start date: [Date] 
    • Job location: [Location] 

    We have also attached a formal job offer document to this email. We await your positive response and can’t wait to have you start working with us. Kindly send your response to [Email address]. Once you choose to work with us, you will receive information related to your orientation and training. Do reach out at [Contact details] if you have any questions. 

    Congratulations again on your job offer! We look forward to the contributions and value you will add. 


    Warmest wishes, 

    [Company Name] 

    [Contact information]


    Job offer letter template – attachments

    Companies attach important documents to provide full disclosure about the position, employment terms and conditions, and other relevant information. It avoids any confusion and facilitates a smooth onboarding process. The 7 types of attachments in a job offer letter email are: 

    Formal Job Offer Letter  

    The company extends a job offer and reserves the right to revoke employment at any time until your start date, in case of unforeseen circumstances. However, if you choose to accept the job offer letter, your title will be [Job title], working in [Department Name], and reporting to [Manager’s job title]. Your working hours will be from [Morning/night schedule] to [Ending time] and you are required to work [hours] per week. 

    Employment Contract 

    The employment contract outlines the specifics of terms and conditions of employment. It gives an overview of details related to job duties, compensation, working hours, compensation and benefits, and termination conditions. 

    Employee Handbook or Policies 

    Employee handbooks are typically provided during the onboarding process. It serves as a reference guide for employees as it provides information related to various aspects of employment, such as leave policies, harassment, code of conduct, code of ethics, disciplinary process, etc. 

    Benefits Package 

    A compensation and benefits package gives an overview of the total rewards to be received by the employee in exchange for work. It includes wages, bonuses, monetary rewards, non-monetary perks, development opportunities, etc. 

    Pre-employment Forms 

    Pre-employment forms are a collection of documents containing essential candidate information to verify their suitability and qualifications for the job. Some examples of these forms are – background check consent forms, reference forms, tax forms, and others. 

    Background Check Authorization 

    Background check authorization is one of the pre-employment forms that needs a candidate’s signature to grant permission to conduct a background check. Employers can check criminal records, employment history, education, and other information. 

    Termination conditions  

    Termination conditions outline the circumstances under which the company can end the employment contract with the employee. It includes information related to notice periods, severance pay, and cause for termination. 

    Tips for writing formal job offer email

    A well-structured email ensures that the candidate understands the terms, conditions, and other relevant information. This contributes to a positive candidate experience. there are 7 tips to follow when writing a formal job offer email: 

    • Use a formal tone: Not using a formal tone leads to miscommunication and confusion, resulting in a negative candidate experience. Address candidates with respect and maintain a professional tone. Follow business etiquette and ensure grammar and punctuation. 
    • Clearly state the purpose: Firstly, congratulate the candidate and state the purpose of the email as a job offer letter. Express enthusiasm for the selection and state that the email serves as an offer letter.  
    • Mention the specifics: Provide a brief overview of the candidate’s role, compensation, date of joining, and other relevant instructions they should know before the start date. Include other specifics, such as department, contact information, location, and other perks. 
    • Highlight key terms: Key terms in a job offer include conditions, job position, and other related information. Highlight such key terms and use direct language. Separate the information into sections and use a positive tone throughout the email. 
    • Provide contact information: In the email, make sure to include contact details so that the candidate can reach out in case of any queries or concerns. Provide a phone number, email address, and the company’s address. 
    • Proofread and edit: Proofreading and editing ensure the email’s accuracy and content flow. Look for any spelling or grammar errors and recheck if all the key terms are highlighted. Avoid any awkward phrasing and make sure the language is clear and direct. 
    • Attach relevant documents: Attach relevant documents like job offer letter, employment agreement, information related to the benefits package, and the employee handbook. These are attached as separate files in the email. Don’t forget to mention that the documents are attached and the briefing on the job offer in the email’s main body.  


    Job offer letter FAQs

    1. What should be included in a job offer letter email?

    A job offer letter email should include a congratulatory message, job offer details, salary, benefits, date of joining, contact information, and attached documents. 

    2. How do I address the candidate in the job offer letter email?

    When addressing the candidate in the job offer letter email, use a formal and respectful tone. Address them by their full name and relevant designation. 

    3. Should I mention the salary and benefits in the job offer letter email?

    Salary and benefits can be mentioned briefly in the email’s body. However, they can be mentioned only in the attached offer letter document as well. Make sure to mention when doing so. 

    4. How should I communicate the next steps or the hiring process after sending the job offer letter email?

    Send a confirmation email that you have received their response. Outline the next steps clearly and what the candidate should do. Offer an end date and provide contact details. 



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