UI Developer Job Description Template

We are looking for a creative, skilled UI Developer who can combine the art of design with the art of programming. Also known as Front-End Web Developers, as a UI Developer, you will work on the aesthetic of a website to make it appealing to the user while maintaining the core functionality of the website. The selected candidate will work with back-end developers and web developers to ensure that the website is optimized for several devices and presented attractively.

The right candidate must have a strong understanding of design principles and user experience (UX) design. He/she should be able to accommodate the aesthetic ideals of the company, product, or program they’re working for without compromising usability. Additionally, you will have to stay up-to-date on emerging technologies.


Your responsibilities will include translation of the UI/UX design wireframes to actual code that will produce visual elements of the application. You will work with the UI/UX designer and bridge the gap between graphical design and technical implementation. You are expected to take an active role on both sides and define how the application looks and how it works.

  • Work with your team to design and build software applications to function across multiple platforms.
  • Maintain and improve the website by developing new user-facing and mobile-based features.
  • Build reusable code and libraries for future use.
  • Validate the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs.
  • Optimize application for maximum speed and scalability.
  • Assure that all user input is validated before submitting to the back-end.
  • Conduct thorough testing of user interfaces in multiple platforms to ensure all designs render correctly and systems function properly.
  • Get feedback from, and build solutions for users and customers.
  • Write functional requirement documents and guides.
  • Ensure high-quality graphic standards and brand consistency.
  • Collaborate with other team members and stakeholders.

Education Qualifications

A Bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology. 


  • Minimum of three years working as a professional UI developer.
  • Proficient knowledge of web markup, including HTML5, CSS3.
  • Strong understanding of front-end coding and development technologies.
  • Basic understanding of server-side CSS pre-processing platforms, such as LESS and SASS.
  • Proficient understanding of client-side scripting and JavaScript frameworks, including jQuery.
  • Expertise in C++, Java, or other programming languages.
  • Proficient understanding of cross-browser compatibility issues and ways to work around them.
  • Good understanding of SEO principles.
  • In-depth understanding of the entire web development process (design, development, and deployment).
  • Familiarity with software like Adobe Suite, Photoshop, and content management systems.
  • Excellent analytical and multitasking skills.

About us

A brief synopsis of the company.

Sample Job Description

#1 IBM

Job Title: Entry Level – Front End Developer


Software Developers at IBM are the backbone of our strategic initiatives to design, code, test, and provide industry-leading solutions that make the world run today – planes and trains take off on time, bank transactions complete in the blink of an eye, and the world remains safe because of the work our software developers do.  Whether you are working on projects internally or for a client, software development is critical to the success of IBM and our clients worldwide.  At IBM, you will use the latest software development tools, techniques, and approaches and work with leading minds in the industry to build solutions you can be proud of.

Your Role and Responsibilities

As an Entry-Level Front-End Developer:

  • Have passion and experience for building responsive, elegant, and engaging experiences with future-friendly web technologies.
  • Work closely with designers to take wireframes from conception to implementation and design and improve user interfaces
  • Work with the IBM Design System to implement UIs
  • Work in JavaScript, Node.js, or frameworks such as React, Vue, or Angular
  • Are skilled in UI Development technologies such as HTML, CSS, JSON, and API usage
  • Have an interest in, understanding of, or experience with Design Thinking Methodology
  • Have an interest in, understanding of, or experience with Agile development methodology

What You’ll Do:

  • You’ll work in an Agile, collaborative environment to understand requirements, design, code, and test innovative applications, and support those applications for our highly valued customers.  
  • You’ll employ IBM’s Design Thinking to create products that provide a great user experience along with high performance, security, quality, and stability.  
  • At the nexus of engineering and design, you will be instrumental in bringing industry-defining software products, cloud services, and web applications to users around the world.

Who You Are: 

  • You are highly motivated and have a passion for creating and supporting great products.  
  • You thrive on collaboration, working side by side with people of all backgrounds and disciplines, and you have very strong verbal and written communication skills.  
  • You are great at solving problems, debugging, troubleshooting, designing, and implementing solutions to complex technical issues.
  • You have a basic understanding of software development and programming languages.

Source: IBM.com/jobs

#2 Optimize IT Systems

The applicant should have hands-on experience in front-end UI development. They should have experience with HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Angular JS, JavaScript, and Object-Oriented JavaScript (OOJS). He or she should be comfortable converting PSD to responsive web design using HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery.

Education and Experience:

  • B. Tech/B.E./MCA/BCA is preferred
  • 4 – 8 years of total experience
  • Ability to prioritize and execute tasks in a high-pressure environment and make sound decisions in emergencies
  • Effective communication and customer service skills, teamwork capabilities, and a positive attitude are some of the qualities we look for

Job Location: Kolkata/Ahmedabad/Jaipur

Source: omptimizeitsystems.com/jobs

#3 Skool Tree

Job Description

  • Develop new user-facing features
  • Build reusable code and libraries for future use
  • Ensure the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs
  • Optimize application for maximum speed and scalability
  • Assure that all user input is validated before submitting to the back-end
  • Collaborate with other team members and stakeholders

Desired Candidate Profile

  • Proficient understanding of web markup, including HTML5, CSS3
  • Basic understanding of server-side CSS pre-processing platforms, such as LESS and SASS
  • Proficient understanding of client-side scripting and JavaScript frameworks, including jQuery
  • Good knowledge of advanced JavaScript libraries and frameworks, such as AngularJS, KnockoutJS, BackboneJS, ReactJS, DurandalJS, etc.
  • Good understanding of asynchronous request handling, partial page updates, and AJAX
  • Basic knowledge of image authoring tools, to be able to crop, resize, or perform small adjustments on an image. Familiarity with tools such as Gimp or Photoshop is a plus.
  • Proficient understanding of cross-browser compatibility issues and ways to work around them.
  • Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git / Mercurial / SVN
  • Good understanding of SEO principles and ensuring that the application will adhere to them.


UG: B.Tech/B.E. – Any Specialization, Computers

PG: Post Graduation Not Required, M.Tech – Any Specialization, Computers

Source: skooltree.com/career


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