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Interns Onboarding Checklist

Interns may join the company for a limited period of time but still, it’s very critical to develop a structured onboarding process. Use this checklist below to create a targeted onboarding schedule that will assist interns in transitioning to their new roles, executing their tasks effectively, and getting the most out of their internships. Combine this with our new hire pre-boarding checklist to make it more structured and effective: 

  • Make sure the pre-boarding checklist is ticked off 
  • Assign IT team to set up emails and provide required access and permissions such as: 
    • Internal communication platform 
    • Project management software 
  • Schedule training based on the roles 
  • Explain Org structure and give them an overview of each department 
  • Enable them to roll out introduction emails 
  • Arrange group meetings and after-work activities 
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