Internal Auditor Interview Questions 

Table of Contents

    An internal auditor investigates all aspects of a company’s operations and makes impartial and objective assessments. This position necessitates in-depth knowledge about a specific company and the industry in which it works.  

    Internal Auditor Interview Questions: 

    • Consider a situation in which you have to deal with dissatisfied coworkers. What would you do in this scenario? 
    • Have you ever had a disagreement with high management or within a group? What happened, and how did you handle the situation? 
    • What concern should Internal Auditors have regarding checks and vouchers? 
    • What would you say if a coworker complained that they had more vacation days than they did? 
    • Should new employees’ benefits be communicated by their manager or HR? Why? 
    • Can you explain the aim of an audit control procedure? 
    • What are the main responsibilities of an internal auditor, and how do they assist the company? 
    • What are some of the things you do after completing an audit? 
    • How would you approach a compliance issue with management you work with? 
    • What steps do you use to create an audit plan? 
    • Could you tell me about the most difficult assignment you’ve worked on and how you handled it? 
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