HRIS Manager Job Description Template[2024]

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    The HRIS (Human Resource Information System) Manager is vital in overseeing the company’s HR technology infrastructure and human resource information management. This position is responsible for administering the HRIS system and ensuring optimal HRIS operations, including essential HRIS requirements like system uptime, data integrity, and security protocols.

    The HRIS Manager may collaborate with the HR department and HR coordinators to understand workflows and identify opportunities for increased efficiency through solutions like automation and improved HRIS structure. This allows the organization to boost productivity.

    An experienced HRIS Director can help drive strategic objectives by providing metrics-driven HR analytics on the workforce to inform executive decisions. The HRIS Management role also encompasses vendor and budget oversight to control HRIS costs.


    About the Role

    The HRIS Manager role is typically full-time within an organization’s human resources department. They report to a senior HR executive and serve as a mid-level technology leader overseeing workflow automation, database administration, and software configuration. Core duties are typically performed during regular business hours on weekdays; however, the role may require occasional after-hours work. As a stable long-term position supporting HRIS needs through hands-on systems integration and vendor management, the job type calls for an exempt salaried professional.

    The classification level signifies the expected technical proficiency and meaningful responsibilities, such as maintaining effective HR technologies and solutions. While helping to streamline operations through cutting-edge information management, the HRIS Manager also partners strategically with HR management on technology-enabled initiatives.

    Job Title: HRIS Manager

    Industry Type: Applicable across industries

    Department: Human Resources

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Role Category: Mid-level

    Job Brief

    We are looking for an experienced HRIS Manager to maintain our HR management information system and enable strategic decision-making through HR analytics. As our HRIS Manager, you will take ownership of the HR technology ecosystem to ensure optimal uptime and usage. Your responsibilities include system administration, data management, workflow configuration, compliance reporting, security protocols, integrations, vendor management, and performance analysis.  To excel in this role, you should have 5+ years of HRIS experience, expertise in HR databases and analytics, project management abilities, and a proactive approach to optimizing HR processes. Your critical thinking skills and solutions-oriented mindset will drive value for employees and the leadership team.


    • Ensure effective functioning and maintenance of HRIS/databases
    • Implement upgrades and enhancements to systems
    • Ensure security, integrity, and privacy of employee data
    • Automate manual processes using HRIS
    • Implement systems for applicant tracking, performance management, etc.
    • Generate reports and analytics for data-driven decision-making.
    • Train employees, managers, and admins on system use
    • Provide support and troubleshoot issues
    • Ensure compliance with HRIS policies.
    • Recommend improvements based on data insights.
    • Coordinate with IT on maintenance and project work.
    • Research new solutions and provide recommendations.
    • Plan and manage the software integration of new systems.
    • Prepare budgets for software, maintenance, and upgrades
    • Procure and oversee the implementation of new systems
    • Create/enforce data policies and guidelines.
    • Manage user roles and system audits
    • Conduct performance reviews and assessments.
    • Benchmark against industry best practices
    • Provide workforce analytics for decision-making.
    • Analyze turnover, retention, etc, using HRIS data
    • Manage onboarding/offboarding procedures.

    Skills and Requirements

    • Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, Business Administration or IT
    • 5+ years overall experience as an HRIS specialist or related HR systems role
    • Expertise with HR databases (SQL, MySQL) and data modeling concepts
    • In-depth knowledge of HR metrics, advanced reporting, and organizational analytics
    • Understanding of local employment laws and HR compliance landscape
    • Hands-on experience with web-based HCM tools like PeopleSoft, Workday, SAP
    • Strong project management abilities with a solutions-focused mindset
    • Exceptional communication and presentation skills to collaborate with global teams
    • Sharp analytical thinking and business acumen



    1. What is the primary role of an HRIS Manager?

    The primary role of an HRIS Manager is to manage and administer the organization’s Human Resource Information System (HRIS).

    2. What systems and software proficiency are essential for an HRIS Manager?

    Key systems and software proficiencies include HRIS software like Workday, Oracle HCM, or SAP SuccessFactors. Proficiency in databases and analytics tools is also required.

    3. How does the HRIS Manager ensure data integrity within the HRIS system?

    To ensure data integrity, the HRIS Manager designs controls, monitors access, and periodically audits the system to identify inconsistencies or errors.

    4. What qualifications and educational background are preferred for the role of HRIS Manager? 

    A bachelor’s degree in HR or IT and 5-7 years of experience managing HRIS/HR technology systems are preferred. Certifications in HR technology also strengthen the candidature.


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