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Curated success stories of top Human Resource practitioners from across the globe

We meet hundreds of HRs in the corporate life, many of whom had never dreamt of being an HR
What inspired them to undergo the transition?
 How did they reach their current positions?
In the multiple challenges they faced, what kept them going?
And most importantly, what valuable advice do they have to offer?

We like to call these stories their short biographies

Every chapter of this book encompasses a different journey, a contrasting perspective, a myriad set of challenges with tried and tested solutions. Each one of them evokes a different emotion, painting a vibrant picture that resonates with readers, especially HR professionals.

Learn from the top HR folks; climb their staircase to success. Their stories hold the key to conquering the hurdles that lie ahead in the realm of Human Resources.

The biographers

Dr. Nishat Afzal

Communications Manager

A dentist by profession and writer by choice, Nishat is a Content Writer and Interview Host at Keka Technologies. A literature lover and a religious fan of Ruskin Bond, her magic works best in creating pieces that involve story-telling, emotional punches, facts & current affairs. If not found sewing letters together to form impactful phrases, Nishat can be seen doing RCTs, crocheting or eating to her heart's content.

Sidharth Yadav

Content Writer

Storiesssssssss…Ah! That was a long one. I am already high. Pass me the wordstray please. I need to stub my thoughts. A chainwriter. A stash of wit is found on me, always. Rolling Tones of sentences to suit your taste. Sniffing books for inspiration. The only addiction I ain’t giving up. And it’s natural.

Do you think your professional journey has the power to inspire hundreds? We are all ears for your story!

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