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We at Keka, believe that SME HR has the desire to act and change something but lack inspiration and thought process. To ignite the spark in them and helping them transition to becoming the changemaker and business partner, we created ‘HR Perspective’.

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Understanding the nuances of performance management

Sonica Aron

In an unfiltered conversation with Sonica Aron, Founder of MarchingSheep, we discovered the state of employee well-being and dug to realize underlying challenges. Watch the session to find more insights.

Understanding the nuances of performance management

Dr. GP Rao

From holding a pivotal role at the Steel Authority of India to being the Founder of an HR Consulting firm, Dr. GP Rao is not a new name in the HR world.

Understanding the nuances of performance management

Prasad Kurian

The ISRO engineer turned HR,Prasad Kurian has worked with reputed MNCs of various industries and has worn many hats during the course acquiring an immense knowledge on the domain and skills.

Understanding the nuances of performance management

Gauri Jain

Gauri on how she was able to wear so many hats while transitioning to different organizations.

Understanding the nuances of performance management

Gautham Ghosh

One of the india's earliest & foremost bloggers, Gautam Ghosh was our speaker of the day.

Understanding the nuances of performance management

Kunjal Kamdar

Recently we spoke to Kunjal Kamdar to learn how employee advocacy can help businesses and how it can be fostered through social media.

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Nishat Afzal

Content Writer

A dentist by profession and writer by choice, Nishat is a Content Writer and Interview Host at Keka Technologies. A literature lover and a religious fan of Ruskin Bond, her magic works best in creating pieces that involve story-telling, emotional punches, facts & current affairs. If not found sewing letters together to form impactful phrases, Nishat can be seen doing RCTs, crocheting or eating to her heart's content.

Anubhav verma

Sr. Content Writer

Anubhav is forever weird, but he’s a fun Copywriter and interview host at Keka. Anubhav figured out in college days that with COPY you can get a bunch of very-targeted people to come to your website, consume your material, and even buy. His focus is on making HR easier for professionals and anyone wanting to make a difference in the workplace. When he isn’t writing, he’s either traveling to the mountains, playing football, reading about Tigers, or doing nothing.

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