HR Onboarding Manager Interview Questions 

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    HR onboarding ensures that all employees are welcomed into the organization and are well-versed with the organization’s policies and standards. An HR Onboarding Manager defines company policies, prepares employment paperwork, and organizes new hire training. The ultimate objective is to make sure that a company’s new personnel have a smooth transition into their employment and receive a warm welcome. 

    Look for applicants with HR experience and a basic understanding of labor laws when interviewing onboarding managers.

    Here are a few questions that help you assess the candidates: 

    • Describe your own onboarding experiences as a new hire, including instances of good and bad onboarding techniques. 
    • How would you portray the company’s policies and values? Is it better to give a group of new hires a single presentation or individual one-on-one meetings? Why? 
    • What is the most challenging aspect of onboarding managers? 
    • How do you stay up to date on changes in labor laws? 
    • When an applicant accepts a job offer, what do you do next? 
    • What criteria would you use to evaluate the success of our onboarding process? 
    • How often would you meet up with new hires and what would you talk about with them? 
    • Do you have any HRIS experience? Which ones, if any, are you referring to? 
    • What would you put in a new recruit welcome package to pique their interest in our company? 
    • What would you do if you were late for a new hire’s first day of work? 
    • What steps would you take to onboard a remote worker? 
    • What kind of training would you provide for a new employee? 
    •  To hire a full-time, non-exempt employee, what documents do you need? 



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