Human Resource (HR) Coordinator Job Description Template

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    A Human Resource (HR) Coordinator plays a vital role in the HR team by assisting HR managers and ensuring the smooth progress of daily tasks. They are responsible for various duties, such as keeping records of employees, assisting in hiring processes, and planning policies for the company.

    HR Coordinator Job Brief

    We are looking for an ideal candidate who is organized, adept at handling critical situations and has excellent communication skills. An HR Coordinator must be diligent with extensive paperwork and report to HR Managers regarding daily responsibilities. They assist in employee onboarding, manage leave requests, and ensure the company complies with all HR laws.

    Roles and Responsibilities:

    • Ensure the hiring of only qualified and competent employees for specific positions.
    • Outline interviews for various vacant positions.
    • Assist in the onboarding process.
    • Represent the HR Manager or Officer in daily meetings.
    • Ensure various policies for employees are properly planned and enforced.
    • Resolve employee complaints quickly.
    • Manage leave requests, payroll change of status requests, and any other changes as needed to be approved by the HR Department.
    • Ensure compliance with all HR laws and stay up-to-date with the latest changes made by the local government.
    • Plan social events and activities for the staff.
    • Complete all monthly and fortnightly forms for the payroll team.
    • Update HR software with accurate and up-to-date information.
    • Maintain confidentiality of each employee and disclose information only to those concerned.
    • Comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act and the company’s Health and Safety policy.
    • Manage official letters, contracts, and personnel files.
    • Handle and maintain the HR email account and guarantee prompt email responses.
    • Occasionally travel offsite to help companies locate/settle in new employees as part of the hiring process.


    • A Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management/Business Administration.
    • A minimum of two years of experience in the Human Resources field.
    • Awareness of Employment laws for HR and employment equity.
    • Knowledge about payroll procedures.
    • Understanding of HR policies, practices, laws, and procedures.
    • Computer knowledge such as Office Suite software.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What qualities must an HR Coordinator have?

    An HR Coordinator should be well-organized, have attention to detail, and possess excellent communication and networking skills. They must have a problem-solving approach and be quick with solutions.

    2. What are the tools used by HR Coordinator?

    Some of the tools most often used by HR Coordinators include platforms for communication like Slack or Zoom, HR management platforms, such as Namely or BambooHR, tools to engage employees such as Culture Amp and Office vibe, work management software such as Asana, Trello, and, and Email Marketing tools such as Mailchimp.

    3. What are the basic qualifications required for an HR Coordinator?

    It is mandatory to have a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management/Business Administration and a minimum of two years of experience in the Human Resources field.

    4. Are HR certifications mandatory to be a Coordinator?

    HR certifications help sharpen and advance your skills as an HR person. Most companies now require certifications like Professional in Human Resources (PHR), SHRM Certified Professional, and Talent Management Practitioner (TMP).

    5. Is an HR Coordinator the same as an HR Assistant?

    While both are entry-level positions, an HR Coordinator is required to have more work experience and will be given more responsibilities.

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