HR Administrator Job Description Template[2024]

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    The Human Resource Administrator (HR Administrator) is one of the critical players in the HR department, overseeing multiple functions that influence organizational success. From ensuring compliance to managing payroll processing and nurturing positive employee relations, HR Administrators are essential in maintaining a productive work environment. 

    Research shows that 47% of employers consider employee engagement as their top priority, highlighting the importance of HR Administrators in addressing their concerns and needs. 

    About the Role

    As an HR Administrator, you will play a pivotal role in supporting the efficient functioning of the human resources department. Your responsibilities will span various aspects of HR operations, collaborating closely with HR managers, HR assistants, and HR specialists.  You will be at the forefront of streamlining administrative tasks for the HR department. Working within the (Industry type) sector at our (Job location) branch, you will contribute to the smooth operations of our HR functions. 

    Job brief

    We seek passionate and organized individuals to aid our HR department in handling daily operations. Your primary responsibility will include payroll management, recruitment assistance, employee benefits administration, talent management, and HR data management. This entry-level role provides a glimpse of HR functions in the (type of industry) sector. Adaptability and resilience are the key attributes that will help navigate difficult conversations and dynamic work environments effectively. 


    HR Administrator Responsibilities 

    As an HR Administrator, your key responsibilities are: 

    • Assisting the recruitment team with candidate screening, interview scheduling, offer letter generation, reference checks, and record management. 
    • Facilitating the onboarding stage by scheduling inductions, ensuring a smooth experience, and improving the onboarding experience of new hires. 
    • Addressing daily HR queries related to administrative policies and corporate guidelines. 
    • Providing support in payroll and benefits administration. 
    • Coordinating regular performance reviews to assess employee progress and productivity. 
    • Conducting seminars and workshops to train HR professionals on emerging HR and industry trends. 
    • Managing essential employee documents, like educational certificates, previous work experience records, and medical insurance documents. 
    • Generating reports on attrition rates, performance metrics, and productivity levels using HRMS like Keka. 
    • Offering general administrative support across organizational departments and levels. 
    • Managing effective communication with HR professionals across different branches to ensure consistency in policies and procedures 
    • Undertaking additional responsibilities or projects as advised by the Head of HR. 

    Skills and requirements

    You should possess the following key skills to excel in this role: 

    • A degree in HR, Psychology, Business Administration, or any other related field. 
    • General knowledge of HR administration, reporting and documentation management, and operational function within the (preferred industry type) sector. 
    • Strong administration skills and attention to detail. 
    • Excellent written and oral communication skills. 
    • Proficiency in handling high-priority tasks in a dynamic environment. 
    • Effective team management, problem-solving, time management, and organizational abilities. 
    • Interpersonal skills to engage positively with individuals at all levels. 
    • Proficiency in MS Office applications, database management systems, and HRMS tools (preferably Keka). 
    • A creative approach towards problem-solving and a collaborative mindset. 
    • Awareness of the latest HR trends and technological advancements. 
    • Numerical aptitude to interpret financial documents. 
    • Familiarity with reporting and analytical tools is an added advantage. 


    Frequently Asked Questions 


    1. What is an HR Administrator role?

    An HR administrator handles the administrative tasks of the HR department, like employee data management, employee benefits administration, payroll processing, and supporting recruitment efforts. 


    2. What skills are required to be an HR Administrator?

    The key skills for HR administrators are communication, organization, attention to detail, problemsolving, multi-tasking, proficiency with HR tools, and knowledge of HR policies. 


    3. What is the average salary of an HR administrator? 

    The average salary of an HR administrator varies based on their experience and industry, but it falls between $40,000 – $60,000 per annum. 

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