Front Desk Representative Interview Questions 

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    It’s difficult to ignore the importance of a good front desk representative when it comes to the roles they play within a professional organization. In several cases, a front desk representative is the organization’s physical representation, so it’s important for the company to find the right applicant for the job.

    Front Desk Representative Interview Questions:

    • How do you prioritize your responsibilities at the front desk, particularly during busy periods?
    • How can you handle a disgruntled guest’s complaints?
    • What would you say if a visitor asks for directions to a nearby nightclub?
    • How did you treat a situation where you couldn’t fix a guest’s dilemma in the past?
    • Without a supervisor present, how do you make crucial front-desk decisions?
    • What would you do if anyone came to the front desk and said they’d misplaced their room key, but their name wasn’t on the reservation and they didn’t have identification?
    • Have you ever worked an overnight shift and are you confident in your ability to staff the front desk late at night?
    • What would you do if you were taking a reservation over the phone and a customer approached you and complained about their room?
    • What would you say if a visitor argued that their space was cheaper on the internet or via a third-party booking service?
    • Do you have any experience dealing with third-party booking sites and handling cancellations and upgrades?
    • What would you do if an organization hosted a big gathering in a conference room and a guest complained about the noise?
    • What tactics would you help guests who are upset or annoyed to calm down?
    • Have you ever had to follow a policy at a hotel that you didn’t agree with?
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