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Field Engineer Job Description

A field engineer is responsible for maintaining and the upkeep of equipment and infrastructure of the site being worked on. They play the role of both engineers and technicians.

Additionally, this job requires a large amount of outdoor work and therefore we expect preparedness when servicing a client site. Due to the nature of the work, field engineers will spend most of their duty hours on sites and desk work will be minimal. 

Responsibilities of a Field Engineer:

  • Manage on-site machinery and operations daily, reporting back with updates and findings
  • Generate monthly and daily reports of work done indicating project progress
  • Ensure the safety of equipment and personnel is maintained on-site
  • Offer technical support to the team on-site to ensure no roadblocks are left unattended
  • Understand and can carry out instructions from the Construction Manager for day-to-day activities.
  • Verify that construction progress is submitted by contractors every week 
  • Attend and contribute to meetings such as reporting, a week ahead, inter-team, contract progress, and so on.
  • Translate engineering diagrams, drawings, and reference images provided by Engineers to the on-ground team
  • Check and review the temporary assembly assets on-site for safety and durability
  • Contribute towards learning during safety meetings to ensure the latest practices are matched and upheld
  • Take direction from field engineering management, lead field engineers, and project management to maintain productivity goals.
  • Maintain and update a database containing the status of machinery
  • Attend and represent work center at all meetings relevant to the project


  • Ability to prioritize own workload, manage the time accordingly and inform team members where constraints will affect a project in terms of program or budget.
  • Degree in Civil Engineering or a related engineering field.
  • Outstanding communication skills
  • Ability to work in adverse weather and occasional overtime and weekends
  • Ability to interpret technical issues through the non-technical description provided by their customers.


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